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  1. Things die of old age.
  2. I would be all for this if chaos wasnt such a terrible broken server full of cheated accounts and items. Look at the fountain container topic there was 2 weeks ago, thats just one of the many legacy items that came from there, lots of freedom players got screwed by it when they connected chaos to freedom and chaos players started selling their intentionally bugged items on freedom for real money. The same will happen to epic players, and most epic players would sadly quit chaos fast and leave it to die in the cesspool of unfair pvp, broken accounts and cheated items that it is. It won't be the glorious uniting of pvp that delusional chaos players dream it to be, it will be driving 90% of epic players out of the game or straight to other freedom servers. Chaos, not just the map but the accounts and all items, is too broken to ever facilitate active pvp.
  3. Thats the good part of suicide attackers. The problem resolves itself.
  4. I put mirrors on every wall so I can always see whats happening. Also boarded up the windows with tinfoil to keep out the voices.
  5. topkos went to epic once and got killed as soon as he stepped out of the portal. has been trolling against epic ever since, bless him.
  6. Level 11 on the path of hate ignores 50% of armor and shieldblock.
  7. Like dark souls? (bloodborn?) multiplayer or what is that RPG game where you can join other peoples solo campaign games and kill them. Its been done before but good idea.
  8. So button mashing like clicker heroes.
  9. WU is relevant to town square. It's general discussion about the game.
  10. So what? These forum topics and steam posts are also a result of WU. You can't just pretend only the good effects exist but the bad ones are somehow unrelated.
  11. You know what also discourages new players into playing the game? Wurm unlimited.
  12. I sometimes go on strike when they make me dig in 12 hour shifts for weeks.