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  1. EPIC Art

    Lol you guys are cracking this ol gal up !!! tons of LMAO pics in here ty all that shared. Have yet to figure out how to access my screenshots.
  2. Make spells possible to keybind

    I thought spells moved to avoid macros on the same buttons, -1 anti cheating no hotkeys for spells its fine how it is.
  3. + 1 × 10 I would soooo love to have rare rings glow would be so beautiful in my opinion when I craft I like to watch my hands, seeing a glowing ring would make this girl extremely happy !
  4. Not a merchant

    Bump for friend
  5. WTB 20s

    Lol Jack vortexxx said you boat a knarr? When u taking it for a spin
  6. Star Ruby

    nice win vortexxx u gonna make me a staff now? Purdy pweez u know u love me
  7. WTB Corbita Any QL

    I might have one for sale its located @ the summerholt area in our alliance. you can pm me in game or message me here thanks !
  8. New Monster To Kill

    Spiffy delicious.... watch out carebears is a big nasty word ! Come on really its a universally word in online games for people who dont fight and complaining that everything is hard and hate all hard monster's when in reality they are to lazy to grind the fighting skill up and are just anti mobs in general. its not an insult.. ++1+1+1+1++++1++11++1 New harder monsters more hard trolls this is all +1