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  1. With skills set to 90, a player cannot plant crops on the PvP Land (Onashores) server. When you plant pumpkins, for example, it appears to plant and then immediately grow ready to harvest, then disappears while accompanied with a weird bird-chirping sound effect. I tried reducing my skills back down to 20, but the same thing happens. I am not sure if this happens on the Bridges Test Server or not.
  2. Journeya/SeanCarl - you're such a god-sent angel to us all. Please do tell about all the things and all your little friends from the North Indy Insane Asylum did to me, huh? Yeah.
  3. Yeah, I had this problem several times on several different servers in several different circumstances. No walls, no fences, no slopes, no nothing. Just the inability to move. Yet another Wurm disappointment, and one of the many reasons I will never pay one single iron for Epic.
  4. Yeah, some little kids around the North Indy Alliance on Independence tried boxing me in on my deed too, but failed.
  5. How about balancing the connection to the servers, so it, you know, works correctly.
  6. Yeah, there's enough trolling little kids on the Freedom servers. Add that to a bunch of other problems such as laggy inconsistent servers, and you have people like me who may go to Epic to fool around, but I will never pay one single iron for the "epic" experience.
  7. "replacing the hamster wheel" sounds appropriate, not sure why that would be crossed out when it seems to be the truth. Also very disappointing even the highest level of staff don't have any idea what they're doing in the game, no sense of direction - they're hoping for the community's help to tell them what to do? Every single day I see why this game has so few players. *yawn* EDIT1: I noticed a tag on this thread called "bugix." What's a "bugix?"
  8. "Pure PVE?" Ok. Ya'll are expecting civility in an uncivil world. Good luck with that.
  9. I was on Affliction, well within range of a guard tower, got attacked by a croc. So naturally, I thought, "Hey! I'll ask for help from this guard tower that sits here with all the guards standing around pointing at things and waving at everything." So I called the guards. And I called them 4 more times before I died. I returned to the same spot, and continued calling the guards. I'm glad to report it only took me calling them 8 or 9 times total before they decided to go ahead and work correctly. My point - the guard towers in the game still don't work correctly. I don't like things that don't work correctly. Yet another Wurm disappointment. -TrofeoLover EDIT: The guards did respond in the chat, but not in the combat. EDIT2: When I'm told to wait a few seconds because I already called the guards, I call faster. Just FYI.
  10. It is my opinion that I should be able to ignore all other players of the game, including staff. When a staff member needs to talk to a player, they can do it from their elevated staff position using special powers. Point is, they should ACT from an elevated position as well. When you have staff that starts mixing in with the rest of the kids in the game, it runs players off the chats and the game. My two copper.
  11. Yeah, that's why I'm not in an alliance.
  12. I have problems with the toolbelt too. Yet another Wurm disappointment.