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  1. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    Keep in mind, renaming a deed does not show in in-game or out-game public records, so you can get a lot of missing names this way. For example, Turtle Island was originally Dragonstone, but recently renamed (and actually it was mention in the map thread too)
  2. PC fantastic seryll lump

    Hello, good people! Would anyone be able to predict a price for this shiny thing? A ballpark figure without auctioning? Thanks in advance.
  3. When you're out in the forest, cutting trees, then you have the chance of a hell hound walking up to you. Even if you wear no armor, even if you're out of stamina. Does it stop people from cutting trees? No, they simply know there is possibility for a small tickle fight. Current suggestion is not a "spawn a million ways to die" while mining. Just a small chance of a small tickle. Hell, tie it to the miner's fight skill. Disable it on deeds and perimeters. Have it similar to current mining events and spam event window before anything actually happens: "You hear muffled creaking and scrunching sounds behind the wall. What could it be?" Here you are, already saying, half the players quit. Could you be more dramatic?
  4. The building of Haven's Landing

    I think it was the Discruntled Husband from Katnip's stream, who said something along the lines of "Not many people get the idea to "read" houses and there should additional signs." Might be true, a new player could simply not notice the house names, while a sign would be a more clear "hey, look here, I'm a sign and most usually I have something to say"
  5. I also like this idea of an "infestation" event. Bugs or lava fiends in mines. Spiders or trolls when woodcutting. Sharkattack or fierce octopuses when fishing. Hell hounds when digging. Perhaps it could check the miner's skills and adjust the spawn... but that goes a bit into the instanced event category. Still, love the general idea
  6. Now with the new religion mechanics, please let the followers and priests of the demigods to build the "template" deity colossi. Example, a Nahjo follower would be able to build Fo colossus without having to convert to Fo. (unless there are new demigod colossi in the works, wink-wink?)
  7. New Type of Unique Spider Queen

    Woo! Finally an idea for those sneaky thingies! I like this one. Spider silk cloak, with increased evasion! (insert yer -1 breaks pvp complaints)
  8. Wurm on

    As long as he pays the bill from his own pocket, can't he write whatever he wants on the ads? When he starts collecting donations with the goal to advertise the game (which seems to be his mission here), then he has to make it clear and transparent to those who want donate. If people are informed and agree to donate for Wurm Online & Glasshollow marketing campaign, then it's their freedom to do so. But it's good someone actually takes a suggestion further than words and at tries. If all players who play the game for it's economy and even make a profit out if it, if they all get on board and invest a dollar per month in this advertising - maybe their business will benefit from it some day. However, if Wurm Team wants to officially support such a campaign in any way, then I'd rather see a staff member run it instead of any regular player (all biases aside here).
  9. Hi. As a mayor of my deed, I brand a sheep. Open permissions, remove everything, as seen in the picture. I am still able to lead, breed, and do other things with this animal, even though all permissions are removed (You start leading an old fat sheep.) I kill the sheep (science needs sacrifice, sorry). Now I get no options at all anymore. Keybind with "push" says, "You may not move the corpse as you do not have permissions." This feels like a bug. Either mayor of the deed has hidden permissions to all branded animals, which they should not have (but then it's very likely to cause issues with accidentally removing all permissions); or as a mayor, you should be able to interact with branded corpses too (makes more sense) Companion in crime against animals - @Hestia(killed two bisons and tried to steal my dog) Thank you
  10. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Finally a honest reply from you. Don't talk about respecting each other's work and improving the game experience for everyone. You only see your own goals, you care about your own well-being and you only respect your Glasshollow. My point proven by your own words. Thanks, and good luck with your empire.
  11. I'd be up for some kind of option for "custom unique" items. Say, you create a fantastic sword. Not imping, not boning, just straight out "create". Even then I'd suggest only a list of items, like weapons or tools. Definitely not for fantastic string of cloth. And even then I'd be okay if the game itself selects the name from some list, like we get for horses. Event spawned items and critters are unique and should remain so. They carry a story and history from that event. I managed to take home a Holy Cow from the Shrimpalong and damn I'm happy! There's a Holy Cow in my yard. Holy Cow!
  12. New Year, New Map Dumps!

    Download them all, easier to use and gives better zoom than viewing from the drive.
  13. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Proves me right once again, you don't care what other players do or what plans other players have. If not a GM, then you don't care. There was no existing highway. We didn't need GM approval to build a new highway. We had not asked for heritage site. It was work in progress. Information was on the signs and clearly visible. (gahhhh, feels like beating a dead horse again, I hope this to be last time) You came, you didn't care, you stopped our work, you didn't care to help us recover. This is same if someone puts houses on your perimeter "by accident" and you cannot expand (just an example, I have no intention to do it). Anyway. If you have no personal agenda and your true goal is to improve the local business and community, may I ask, how's it been going so far? Your Newspring outpost is now two years old, how many merchants are there this day? Not asking for financial data or anything, just some public knowledge.
  14. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Ayes, you've actually hit the nail on the head. You get along well because you have shared, or share, a common interest in improving the local area. Obviously, if one wants a road and other wants a road in the same place, then what's there to fight about? However, the drama around Newspring (and other starter deeds) has begun with difference of opinion, how the local area should or could be developed. People who have lived in the area for many seasons and who have developed that said area, who have local alliance and shared interests - one day they find an outsider, all the way from other map edge, come and start "improving" the infrastructure in their backyards. Without really any feedback from the locals. With no intention to permanently reside there himself; only to make a trading outpost. Takes no social scientist to figure out how explosive that formula is. Ehh, might as well... my "sob" story, whoever cares... Personally I am not against his market empire. No, let him build, let him develop. Wurm needs visionaries. The problem is how he's doing it. Jumping to an orchard, chopping down all trees, building a big tower, declaring "this is better!" and then forcing all the peasants to praise your work is not how you make people smile (orchard, tower and peasants are here as a figurative illustration and not a reference to any specific incident in Wurm). Sila himself keeps repeating "for the better of community". If we read all the feedback from Newspring people in this thread - which community is now feeling better? "Deed it or leave it" "There is nothing to discuss." "We know what is best for Newspring island" (I sense sarcasm there, but who knows) -Sila, 2019
  15. Highway work just east of Newspring

    So.. Someone is mean to you.. and the conclusion you make is - this is totally OK and this is how the game should be played and you should do the same to others? W o w . . . I am confused. Isn't this what people are trying to do here, and your reponse is "deed it or shut up"?
  16. Xanadu Community Map

    Please remove: Fo's light Principium Tranquil Coast
  17. New Year, New Map Dumps!

    Yay! This year gets better every day!
  18. Highway work just east of Newspring

    Sila, dear Sila. The issue I've personally experienced with you is that you like to "improve" everything as you want and don't really take into consideration what other people in that area may think. You love to bulldoze in, do your thing, and then declare "I have made it better!" but somehow everyone in that area gets into fights with you. And you do that everywhere. Have you never thought there's something wrong in that picture? Talk to the local public. Ask for thoughts and input. Negotiate. Trust me, people will even want to help you! Yes, it's a sandbox. Yes, the land is free for all. But it is also a MULTIplayer. This means there are other people. This means there are social interactions. We're not just pixels on the screen. We have plans too, we want to improve our home areas too. We even put up signs saying "work in progress, please contact [playername] with questions". But you don't care, you do what you think is best and destroy the plans and work of other people. You even do it miles away from your deeds. Just because you can, does not always mean you should. Happy New Year, wurmians!
  19. The Screenshots Thread

    Yes. She's has arrived.
  20. [No Bug] Glow rune and paint conflict on statue

    Aw.. darnish Thanks
  21. I attached a silver Fo rune ("Okay glow", 5% skill level bonus) to a supreme mountain lion statue, which was previously painted. The glow rune didn't show effect at first, I had to turn/move the statue. Then it started glowing, but paint effect disappeared (even though it still showed custom dye on examine) After removing the dye and painting again, it stopped glowing and showed the paint. On the right, no rune: Colors: R=228, G=130, B=24. Ql: 37.613968, Dam: 0.0. On the left, runed: This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. Colors: R=228, G=130, B=24. Ql: 99.0, Dam: 0.0. A silver rune of Fo has been attached, so it will have an okay glow and increase skill level on skill checks (5%)
  22. End of 2017 Map dumps

    I am not going to let the year end without bumping this again! Maps! Rabble rabble rabble!
  23. WTS Green Grapes 94.91ql 9,300 avail

    Hi. Could you please reserve the rest (4300) to Fireriders, he will be able to pick up in about 18-20 hours. If the 5k becomes available, then instead of 4300 please reserve 5000 to him. In game Fireriders, forum @FireRider
  24. Useless christmas gifts

    Umm, I only got the thing from it when I picked it up... where else should I see it?
  25. Useless christmas gifts

    A small request or suggestion to the devs - could you make the snowman "openable" without having to pick it up? Please? Happy ho-ho-holidays!