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  1. Well at this point you shoot yourself in a knee For two reasons : 1) If we agree with all other simplifications, why dont we agree with this one ? BTW Boar is a pig too and it has thick hide. Yet it depends on race and the age. of course todays "piglets have thin hide" 2) About bird and human armour - some pre columbian indian tribes used bird feathers as a part of an armour, as well as human and animal bones. Of course the matter of effectivnes lay in their intimidation effect than in real durability or protection value, but one way or another it was used as an armour or its part. In the end .. take a distance and look at this as a simplification, not as a closing to reality.
  2. Gee if we'd keep on history wurm would be too complicated - and yet as i metnioned earlier Wurmlogic - as there are many other historical inaccuracies. First of all - nails - in medieval times were almost luxury commodity. as well as any other metalware. Wine making - in orginal process it was grape juice mashed with feet ant left to ferment. In more "civilised"version it was juice mixed with yates. Metal shovel ? Forget it was purely wooden, as rake, hay fork, hoe, and many other. Even carpenters used saws on very rare ocassions, thay made planks using wooden wedges and mallets they were very crude, yet working. I can find many many other examples.
  3. Let sails off. About Pig hide - gee - as far as i remember in some cases there were armours that consists of multile layers of leather. After all we can distinguish by "light leather armour" and heavy (normal one). Not to mention that mostly for chain armour there were leather inlays. Another use - ceremonial armour. Mulltiple explanations. And most important of all Wurmlogic - it would be simplification. as i mention earlier pigs ar now useless.
  4. 1) Spinnig Wheel - need 35 fine carp to make. Gee attaching few shafts smal wheel and a plank it far more difficult than making a boat, cart (2 wheels and lot of planks), or house Not to mention floor loom.. When it comes to min level its more than epic fail. Same situation with trellis - i can make roundpole fence - yet cant make trellis - more than epic fail. Want to restict it to a premium players? 21Carp is enough.... 2)Usage of wool / yarn a) Yarn sack - To transport seeds like a portable fsb for seeds - let say 50-100kg of seeds ? Model already exist in game. Ql affects the wmount of seeds inside .Something like 0,86kg per 1ql of sack. yarn canopy - colorful (paintable?) c) sleeping bag / bedroll / bed cover - yarn fur and cotton d) yarn sails 3) Carpentry ideas a) Portable Sprout box - up to 50 sprouts per box Crude Wooden fence should use pegs instead nails - as for now it does not difeer from clasic fence. only texture is different 4) Animal "upgrades" a) Pig should yeld hide as in real life depend of age old / veneralbe most. - because now pig is pretty useless Pigs, cows, bisons, shoul yeld more fat - i dont expect them to give RL amount but up to 10kg should be suitable .
  5. +1 on music -1 on body stat. But to compensate it. Music should have two benefits (inspirationa increased skiigain fight damage, healing rate) and let say animal calming or scaring away. --- I can see with my imagination wagon with two bards playing inspirational tunes and half a village fighting troll
  6. +1 on more animals... but um well you can meet moose in russia (in some parts it has same climate as alaska) moreover i've seen moose in uk too. Moreover mooses are spoted anywhere from cold to temperate climate only hot and wet climates are moose free. Swampy placec.. ok but not mountains, deep forests rather.
  7. Papyrus? uh? well just roll the tobocco leaf to make a cigar papyrus + tobocco would give cigarette
  8. But we;d have to change formula a bit since grape juice + syrup gives a wine, but strawberry juice + syrup gives us lemonade. To make things bit more real and fun such recipies should be (extending from classic wine to fruit wines and meads) Classic wine : 2kg of juice + 2kg of syrup = wine base - wine base + mushroom (black, yellow, red ) = wine Strawberry wine 2k of juice + 2kg of syrup = wine base --> and as follows. Other wines should as follow. Mead : its far more different. 2kg of honey + 1-4 kg of water would give mead base of different class ( I - IV). Mead base + mushroom would give mead, thus low ql. I made myself a home made mead ( 4kg of honey + 11 litres of water). So i know what im talkin bout. Additional extension : Well if you start making wine and mix all the required stuff to make a wine base you have to have apropriate amout of liquid and "sugar". But initial amount of sugar would be sufficient to start a wine and go on for a some time. Adding small amount of sugar would extend process (in terms of Wurm increased QL) adding bigger amounts would make wine sweet. In basic words adding syrup to a wine would turn classic wine into a sweet wine and so on.
  9. If Ya want train fire making ? Make torches, or even unfinished ones... far more exciting. If ya have digging skill as high as ur carp, you can make 99ql torches or something like that) as far as i rmember 90+ql torch was worth 3s to a trader... shame i couldynt get deed for that or something but got some decent stuff
  10. Strawberry Juce +. Idea of requiring 30 skill to make it huge fat -1 as, you mentioned that it will be lower end. Moreover I dont see the reason why is should be harder to mix strawberry juice with syrup, than mixing grape juice with syrup.
  11. Not sure where do You waste time, but it doesent matter. I see some people here defends status quo, as it allows them grind woodcutting mindlesly on woodscraps, just aganist logic. Not to mention that this tweak would have more benefits than drawbacks for the majority. Moreover, between skill level of 50 and 95, you will get 1kg and more of woodscraps. So i cant see the real reason of Your fuss about the idea.
  12. nah you see only at 95 carp the woodscraps would be 0,5.. unless that.. 1kg per action. so not to worry
  13. since there are thousands of logs rotting next to ur deed, u can use them as a fuel, and material for kindling. I see no problem. Moreover, its not planned to remove woodscraps complety. And in the end you will have use... Using woodscraps to make kindling is good when you dont want to waste logs.. since u are wasting logs, u can use them for a kindlin there is no obligation to make kindling just from woodscraps. So ur argument failed.