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  1. We don't negotiate with terrorists. You pay me 20s and I'll take it off your hands.
  2. sounds good to me, definitely have to make it pve only though
  3. aww hell yeah Stanlee is the hero wurm didn't know it needed. THANK YOU for all of these public slayings!!
  4. This is actually a new house on our deed, and it's kind of doubling as a sneak-peak to our new video that Kichi is currently editing.
  5. Coming at you from the deed that makes timelapses. Tranquility Bay, NW Cele.
  6. Swung by to try and buy whatever horses you had in the shop pens but they were on deed and I couldn't lead them. Luckily one of the pens was already unlocked and I found out I couldn't lead them that way. Glad it was so I didn't waste money buying the key when I couldn't take the horse lol. Do you do orders or is it just through the pens?
  7. I just want to say to all those in favor of this change thank you. This particular goal has had me very concerned for a while as I am approaching destinations unknown being unlocked and am already over 50% done with imp 100K times and around 30% done with perform 500K actions (according to the achievement window). Those didn't even register as an issue for me, really just the rifts. Hopefully the dev team is hearing us on this one. Also Ekcin I just want to reiterate for the third time now. I never said few weeks/months to complete destinations unknown, I said a year. Which is a long time to commit to one game for the vast majority of gamers in the world. Granted I have been playing this game off and on since my junior year in highschool which was 2006. From being a bright eyed starter leaving newtown to build his 1x1 shack with his buddies to the devastation of wurmaggedon to G2 and starting fresh all over again with random people cause all of my RL friends quit. I have had times where I would burn out but always returned. Clearly Wurm and I have a love hate relationship but I'm coming up on 14 years with her and will still be here til the end.
  8. I love the idea for this cosmetic change. As it stands right now I just unequip my weapon/shield when I'm not in danger so it looks nicer in 3rd person.
  9. Maybe you missed the part that due to work(10 hours a day for me) and sleep(roughly 6-8 hours a day) I would have to get incredibly lucky for multiple rifts to fall in my possible playtime. And I don't spend all of my time playing when I'm not working or sleeping so that cuts the rifts I can do down even further. I never stated that the last journal entry could be done in a few months. I said a year if you are dedicated enough. But for someone like me I can't get past this "timegate" that is rifts without minimum 2 years to complete it. I don't know how you did 100 rifts in 11 months, maybe your responsibilities aren't as rigid as mine and you can afford a fairly flexible schedule to chase them from server to server. But not everyone that plays has that luxury. Like I stated, last week due to their times I wasn't able to hit any of the rifts. This week if I take off work early I can hit the one that is 5:11pm my time. But I personally don't think I should have to leave work early or stay up all night to get this journal entry done. I understand that the way the rifts cycle means there will be a good week for me every once in a while where I can hit like 3 to 4 in a week. But that just averages out these many weeks where I can't get any at all.
  10. Please reduce the number of rifts you are required to close to complete that portion of destinations unknown. Requiring 100 rifts is just way too much for your average player to complete. I understand this portion of the journal is meant to be hard but at a point it becomes nearly impossible unless you are someone who doesn't have rigid responsibilities. Due to work and the need to sleep I currently can only make on average 1 rift a week, if I'm lucky 2 and very rarely 3. Heck due to nearly all of last weeks being early AM for me I didn't get to participate in any. At this rate it is going to take me close to 2 real life years to complete from start to finish. How can I keep my attention on this for that long? I get that you want people to keep playing so you get their premium. I mean come on though, isn't 2 years of a persons life asking a bit much to be able to complete this journal? If the number I can do is average then halving it to 50 would be a very reasonable request. That is still an entire year spent going to rifts if you can only do one a week. Another point to make is that everything else in destinations unknown is complete-able with a year of dedication to playing daily, so why is this so much longer? Just as a visual aid here are the upcoming rifts in my timezone: Also I know there are going to be those who have finished this requirement posting -1's because they had to do it so everyone else should to. To those that might I simply request that you don't unless you have legit input as to why this is a bad idea. Thank you and have a great day
  11. Let us sail around and act like pirates in peace CreZ. +1
  12. I was talking about the rare medium maul in the picture, didn't even see a rare small maul there. If that and the forge are available for 5s please cod them to me.
  13. I have garlic and cucumbers but no vodka, can I still come?
  14. ah okay, nevermind then, grass to peat was just kind of an after thought, others were what I really wanted. ty though