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  1. Latency when booting client before login

    Thank you very much Samool, it launches beautifully. What is the difference between the preview and the stable versions? Is the preview client just a rebranded test client or something different?
  2. Latency when booting client before login

    Has anyone ever found a solution to this problem? I have had this issue for over 2 years now. It doesn't occur on a separate computer that I use from time to time but every time I launch the wurm login it lags my main computer for a solid 5 to 10 seconds, some times a bit longer. It's not the worst problem to have but it is very annoying having to make sure I'm muted in discord first and have all my videos paused or muted so the lag doesn't make them sound all garbled and the video doesn't lag/crash. I have tried wiping out the wurm client folder and starting from scratch and also resetting/reinstalling java but nothing makes a difference. My buddy has the same issue and we have a running joke when we are in comms together that we'll be back in 15 seconds cause we are launching a new wurm client. Any help would be immensely appreciated.
  3. Valrei International. 047

    So I won't lag constantly on xanadu or constantly get out of position errors when walking at 7km/h? That would be nice.
  4. Allow more use of queueing system

    -1 overall. Sounds like you want to play minecraft. They only idea I like and have suggested since the crafting window came into existence is the imping window. Make it much like the crafting window except at the top it has a series of boxes much like the component boxes of the crafting window. You put your imping items in those boxes and put the item you want to imp in a singular box below. Then you just press improve. Have a repair button built in as well or include repair as part of the improve button.
  5. Can you cod the medium maul with LT87 MS92 BotD95 AD to Zol please? Thank you!
  6. who wants a map reset for elevation

    Why can't people see that the only fix to make pvp the way it was years ago is to merge the pvp clusters. Making the epic cluster all those years ago split the pvp population and pvp has sucked in one way or another ever since. I don't care how you get it done, delete epic and chaos and start a new cluster, delete epic let us take our items and accounts (effective skill on epic to freedom actual skill) to chaos, delete chaos and let them bring their items to epic (their accounts are already a 1 to 1 skill). Come up with a new and innovative way to merge the pvp population back to whole, I don't care how it is done. Deleting the elevation map over and over isn't going to fix anything it is just going to kill the cluster faster. Everyone in my village is saying if they reset ele again and we lose all of our hard work they won't come back. Why would you want that? A map reset is not the answer. The old map was ###### and if you thought it was good you are delusional. Epic was almost completely dead until they reset ele, and look at how that turned out. The new map is ###### too, ele was once again dead until the freedom skill transfers came into play and a huge surge happened for a few weeks. But then what happened? The devs ###### up the skill transfers and made it a 1 way from freedom to epic instead of it being a two way street. So elevation is slowly going to start dying again as the masses head back to freedom to grind taking epic players with them. Because why would you grind anything on epic when grinding the same skill on freedom is equivalent to grinding two accounts at the same time. Epic is already dying, when we all first came back the numbers were steadily over 100 every day. Now most days its lucky to get to what, 60? And that is across the cluster not just elevation. Eventually the numbers for epic will go back to what they were a month and a half ago, 20-30 at the highest 40. Why do you people keeping beating your heads against the wall trying to come up with a fix to save epic?!?! It is a dead cluster, let it die, merge pvp populaces back together and lets make pvp great again.
  7. Nathan and corrupt horses

    Can I get a team member to let me know if this is as intended or something that will be looked into? I am HotS and because I am a Nathan follower I can't tame any horse on the deed I live in. Therefore I have to ask a lib follower to put gear on a normal horse for me and I can't ride hell horses.
  8. Patch Notes 12/11/17

    It sounds as if you are saying you don't want an active population on the epic cluster. Nappy said it best, everyone grinding on freedom means less overall population and because of that less accidental pvp encounters. Sure people will hop back to do missions and hota for a while but even that will start happening less and less until eventually there is just no one playing on epic anymore. By saying that the transfers are a one way street from freedom to epic and that you don't intend to look into making it two way you are effectively telling the epic population that freedom is more important to you than we are. I know it will take some well thought out coding but isn't it worth the time to let a part of your playerbase know that they mean just as much to you as the other 70%+? Please just try to make this skill transfer two way.
  9. Nathan and corrupt horses

    As a follower of Nathan I can't tame corrupt horses/animals. Which I find weird as Nathan is a negative influence god that requires negative alignment and you convert/priest to his religion at the bone alter. Unless I have completely missed some statement that only Lib followers can tame corrupt horses and it is as intended I don't see any reason why a dark aligned god wouldn't be able to tame corrupt animals.
  10. [No Bug] Hog roast (possible bug)

    I got 80% proteins and 20% cal off of a lamb roast though just the other day. I guess that just doesn't make any sense to me.
  11. I'm not entirely certain if this is a bug or not but eating a hog roast gives you nothing but nutrition and food. No carbs, calories, fats, or proteins are gained from eating it what-so-ever. If this is intended please delete this thread.