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  1. Looking to buy dirt in bulk dm Farscape
  2. i could do 27s if so cod to farscape
  3. send me a test meal i want to order a few affinities
  4. needs to be at a minimum 40paving post here or pm Farscape in game
  5. i need some paving done whats ur paving at
  6. Thank you locath there is a mini map use in wurm unlimited that works great and if you hit esc you can open or close it so it wouldnt impact those who didnt want it and those who did could use it it doesnt give you cords so you would still have to figure out where you are on the map it just makes finding your way back from where you came a little easyer and would give you a little insight by being able to see a small part of the map to use with the main map to help figure out where u are.
  7. I like having an in game mini map what are you thoughts on this in wurm online
  8. Free weekends isnt going to change how I play the game im still going to pay for my 2 preists but would be a good time to grind channeling if preexisting premium player got an exp boost on skills
  9. I will take 43 large crates out of cedar for 3s delivered to release c23
  10. anything you do to one armour set with out doing something to the others lessens the value of those armour sets so if you make plate slightly faster you are devaluing drake and scale even if you dont think you are because if you make plate more attractive to player they are not looking to buy scale or hide sets devaluing the existing sets and future hide and scale sales so if you were to improve plate you would need to do some thing to improve hide or scale
  11. still looking QL doesnt matter
  12. Looking to buy a rare canopy bed post here or pm Farscape in game
  13. I Like the idea of the free weekend and how you said existing prem players could come back with prem privilege's and those players trying the games could experience skill past 20 and current prem players would receive a 1.5 or 2 times experience increase that would drive skill gain and the economy for wurm