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  1. For those having trouble getting these mods to work, there are a few things to try: 1. Make sure you have all the prerequisites. 2. Turn off the bounty system AND remove the mods mentioned below, OR turn off the miscellaneous module 3. The miscellaneous module is incompatible with the following: HitchLimits MoveMod NoFogSpiders RemoveAnimalHoardingLimits WhiteHorseFix and likely more
  2. You're a champ, Batta!
  3. Does anyone happen to know where to get a hold of the Wyvern mods? I managed to snag the populated Wyvern map for an offline solo server and would love to play it as they intended.
  4. I'm having an issue with this map and I'm not sure why. I started up a new deed in an unclaimed area and every time I try to plan a building, it crashes the offline server. Edit: This seems to be related to the BiggerHouses mod, though I've not had any issues with it elsewhere.
  5. This is awesome, but there are some annoyances. Is it at all possible to easily change ownership of deeds, bins, or buildings? Hell, if I could just change every single one on the server with a few clicks, that would be grand. But I assume that if it's possible at all, it's a pain in the butt that has to be done for each and every single thing.
  6. Download the files, go to your Wurm Unlimited Steam folder, drop the new folder in there. I assume you're using the Wyvern one, so it will look like: Steam>steamapps>common>Wurm Unlimited Dedicated Server>Wyvern Then launch the server launcher. Choose Wyvern under "Select game folder to use" and start offline server. If you're trying to use a name that has already been used on the server (the chances of that are high) it will kick you out and say the credentials are wrong. You can remove that entry from the wurmplayers.db file in the sqlite folder with DB Browser for SQLite. But obviously, choosing a different name is easier.
  7. Hey, Malena! I wanted to pop by and see how this project is coming. I'd love to play on this server! Also, if you ever want to release the DB, my wife and I play on our own LAN server and we've been dying for something like this to bring life to an otherwise empty world for us.
  8. Hey, guys! I host a LAN server for just me and my wife. We love being able to have a whole world to ourselves, where time doesn't pass if we don't want it to, the world is ours to shape, and we can set Wurm aside for the real world when necessary. Unfortunately, it can get really boring knowing that there's nothing "out there". There's nothing interesting to find or explore. No structures that we haven't built. I'd love to find a smallish map that has some points of interest, maybe some towns to explore. Bonus if there are dungeons and the like! I saw that someone did a dump of the Wyvern server database and that's cool and all, but that thing is huge and covered in deeds. It's a bit too overwhelming and overrun. The base Adventure map has one or two tiny little "villages" and nothing else. I'd love to find something in between. I'd be happy to even pay for it if something like this were to exist. Any suggestions?
  9. I know this mod exists, but I can't seem to find a functioning option. I want a mod that auto sorts items by QL in all bulk bins. E.G. 1-10 QL gets put into one stack, 11-20 QL into another, then 21-30, etc etc. I was trying to use this one but can't get it working. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be most appreciated.
  10. That's greats news! I will definitely be playing then. The texture pack will also be an awesome addition to my offline server. Thanks for taking the time to keep me updated!
  11. It's really necessary for me! I play on my own server, just my girlfriend and I. We've been playing Wurm for about 8 years. It was our go-to game back when we could only communicate online. Now we live together and it's still something we do together. When you're playing all alone on a server, it takes a lot of livestock to build up to 5 speed horses or enough cattle for cooking skill. The lack of a branding limit definitely helps with keeping my cattle organized. I'm also very space efficient with my farms and build them with role play in mind. There is no way I'd ever be under the animal ratio in the vanilla game. The ratio imposed has nothing to do with real life limitations. I could get behind it, if it did. It was a system introduced by Rolf to avoid addressing his buggy spawn system that prevented creatures from spawning when people had huge breeding operations. I could always expand my deed, but A. I'd have to have it about 3x the size I actually use, B. It would push spawns further and further away. I don't build big deeds. I had a huge deed on Deli and it was more work and stress than I found enjoyable. Without this mod, my ratio is about 10 and I definitely notice issues. Not in the form of disease--because I have my pastures built well--but from miscarriage. When I had issues with this mod not properly triggering earlier this week, I lost 3 out of 6 to-be-born foals. Thankfully, I didn't lose the mothers. I know there may not be a huge demand for this and that you may see it as a waste of your work when you could focus elsewhere, but so long as this mod is functioning, I will be using it!
  12. I had a broken mod in that was preventing the mod launcher from launching properly. Disregard!
  13. Good to know there's a site now! I can keep a look out there. I was wondering, when it's finished, are you just going to open it up as a public server or do you intend to make it available for people to download the whole kit and caboodle for their own servers? Either way, I'm very interested. My only concern with the former is that (since it's based on UO) it's likely to be PVP. Playing original UO back in the day is where my deep-seated hatred for PVP began.
  14. Is anyone else having crops rot with the update? I installed the latest version of everything and my crops are spoiling.