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  1. The following deeds are no more: Yatiskulla Summer Valley Moonlight Haven Pearlnorth Thank you
  2. Hello, the following deed are no more: Ceres (4590, -6869) Serenity`s Cove (3958, -6256) Tulum (3965, -5873) Thank you
  3. Hello Please update Hall of the Mountain King, the real location is (4414, -7457) Please add the following infrastructure: (4676, -7443) to (4676, -7404) Canal (Knarrs only) (4736, -7220) to (4763, -7245) to (4794, -7245) Canal (All boats) (4638, -7154) to (4638, -7196) to(4678, -7196) Bridge Thank you and keep up the good work
  4. WTB 90+ courier cast Location T17 Xanadu Kraftsburg deed
  5. Thanks for the advice, i'll adjust the price
  6. Rare small cedarwood raft Quality 60 Price 1s Delivery included to any PVE server
  7. I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again i'll get back with more details
  8. I did meditate before it happened but Crysariana did not and she received the refresh in the same time with me
  9. Hello I was having 17% on the food bar and i was preparing to get something to eat, but in the mean time i noticed that my food, watter and nutrition values went to max and no one has given me refresh and also no message in the event window. This has also happened to one of the villagers in my deed (Crysariana) with even a higher food value on the bar.
  10. Please add Kraftsburg at 4309 - 7317 And Drangleic Harbor (T19) is no more Thank you