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  1. Thanks will accept once I get home.
  2. I will buy the last piece. COD Sixiron
  3. The abutment part of a bridge (center of 3 tile bridges) turns invisible at certain angles. Not tested it with other bridges than Marble atm.
  4. Bump for the only kingdom left fighting the zerg (im rooting for you seriously)
  5. But for none of the reasons you listed (atleast for the kingdom I was in). So atm we have either sold off accounts or are letting subs drop (in my case it's 7 accounts that will be dropping subs).
  6. Wurm 2016

    TBH the best way for him to increase the player count going forward would be to move away from java.
  7. Nope you lose Libila faith once you leave a BL template kingdom.
  8. Join the only BL kingdom actively fighting the scourge of chaos today!
  9. It'd been known for years and reported before.