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  1. Huh, thats wierd I got this Sorry! We couldn't find the document requested.
  2. Is this just a java issue? or a graphics card problem? Sorry im not very computer literate
  3. Haha! I remember that! I left just as you used the orb! I was with JK at the time and I actually needed to log off for a bit. I was walking away from the main battle when I heard everyone yelling about them dying and looked back and it was mass slaughter! I managed to escape...I am not sure how many others made it. Amazing time I had though! A whole lot of fun and would do that again in a heartbeat! I have not been active much lately but reading all this stuff makes me wanna play again! cheers! ash
  4. to be quite honest your tone is quite rude and its hard to take your suggestion seriously when you seem to knock a very large segment of the game population. I think it would be best if you would have kept your opinions of carebears to yourself instead of writing a nice little mean segment of your post about them. and on that note, I don't think this idea would work and I'd give it a -1. Sorry
  5. stunning piece! if I could draw like that I might have a better grade in my art class
  6. Thanks for all your work with the maps DM, a great member of the community will be missed.
  7. Please no GM run events or anything. I know its been mentioned before, but why don't you try to organize something yourself? To be honest any "super special reward" that would encourage somebody to get off their deed is just putting people who prefer to hermit and stay on their deed at a disadvantage. In other words, the people who like to travel and go out already do so and the folks who prefer to stay on deed and hermit already do so use trying to change attitudes or playstyles. We each get our own enjoyment from the game in different ways.
  8. I Crashed

    how did you go back to the old java may I ask? im having trouble doing that
  9. Im having similar issues. Good to know im not alone here
  10. hey all I keep getting a freezing screen that goes white, then when I click on the screen after it has froze I get a (not responding) message at the top of the wurm window. Then when I exit out of the program I get the message - Java Platform Binary is not responding - does anybody know how I could possibly fix this issue??? thanks, it is really disrupting gameplay and has made the game unplayable for the last few days.
  11. Spies

    Spies, spies everywhere!
  12. Please no, it wouldn't provide any benefit and just get all us folks around the lake annoyed
  13. Are we seeing the beginnings of a new PMK??
  14. I, and many others who I know of, would make Chaos our second home if Kingdoms & full PvP was returned.
  15. someone posted Dec. 31st, I posted Jan 1st....yes Vroomfondel it was me dumb
  16. When you become a blackie by default you join the Horde of The Summoned, so as postes said you cant be a BLer in a JK/MR village because they don't allow Libila worship...which is the god of the blacklight and the Horde of the summoned kingdom
  17. THANK goodness im not the ONLY one getting that....I thought I was going insane for awhile