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  1. the thought alone is enough man! i appreciate it never ever doing the same mistake again. ###### happens but i prefer it happening once. @cecci sad to hear that.
  2. Some time ago a public project was started. We wanted to connect the lakes around J-21(near whitefay), to west water body and canal system, so that the people living here can trade and sail. Place here is isolated and would greatly improve the situation. After a lot of work (somewhere over 260tiles long) i hit a mine tunnel, and an angry owner. A dropshaft emerged. was not a big deal to fix it, was only one tile near a hidden mine entrance. And a canal workaround could be made. Sadly when scouting the area for a route i did not see his deed, mountain-y area with lots of bumps, isolated and it was under a small hill. grave mistake but an honest one. But the problem lies elsewhere. owner as he said wanted to be a hermit as he came from chaos. so he didn't want to cooperate at all. It was his right of course. I offered to fix the mine,i said i was sorry, was as polite and honest i could be, offered to supply with ores till the 1tile dropshaft was fixed and a solution was found.all i got back was attitude. I politely asked him how far his mine extends south, he didn't say. Did not want to cooperate at all. just fix my mine and goodbye.with a lot of attitude. after a lot of mining i found out his mine extended a lot. possibly over 50 tiles. i was carefull so not to cause another dropshaft. Another mine extends north aswell. no idea for how far or if it is abandoned or not(can't see a surface entrance) and that route will take us dangerously close to old abandoned mines. One possible route was going under the deed (no mines) but alas, not an option. We could of course just mine through those undeeded mines, strongwall and support them so that this public project can continue, but i don't do that. Although i must admit, it might be deserved. In the end i didn't fix his dropshaft. thought he at least deserved that. I dislike being treated badly.. he even threatened to deed all over the area so the canal can never be made bad luck jackpot? i don't know. If people could talk things out, anything is possible, if not, things don't work out. And so this project, along with some people's hopes comes to a stop i spent too much time for this and i honestly think it the idea alone was worth it, but i don't like the trouble. Even a gm came.(tarissa) I was the main constructor in the canal, and have to say that it's sad seeing projects of greater good, getting stopped like that. people involved don't know yet that the project is stopped. but they'll find out. For anyone interested, the deed owner in question is called Mirrormatch. don't buy from him, let the guy be a hermit
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    Very good service, fast,helpful and didn't get angry with my mistakes.. highly recommended.
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    thanks. can close
  5. i may or may not see irony there, but planning such a bridge needs a dioptra and a range pole, which a new player can not obtain easily. But that's not the point. having an external 1tile staircase, you can place in any side of any building, in any combinations you want, and bypasses the 2x2 house restriction in which you need to take stairs from outside of the building if you want to go to the second floor. it really can't compare and plus the standalone staircase is already modeled and perfect for that.
  6. it's true, a bridge can work, but due to max slope, you need to use up more tiles. standalone stairs use 2 tiles to reach 3rd, while bridge uses 3 and is more bulky/different design. way more costs, and finally new players can't build them.
  7. Edit for quick post: While standalone staircases on floors other than ground are looking ok. ground floor staircases are hindered by the wallplans. Solution: Please, let us build a standalone staircase, on ground floor, as a special case of "floor" without the need of building walls. the tile will be part of the building. Name the structure "external staircase", and once built, remove external wall plans aka consider the tile built. as a special case for ground floor. all other floors work as should. then we could have external staircases. from wiki:(this could be groundfloor) it will make designs so much better. and beautifull. and will give meaning to standalone staircase.

    sorry changed my mind
  9. I know roarkindrake for some time. Fine trader. Go buy his silver!! /sugar
  10. [14:47:16] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Sent
  11. Come one, come all! this red dragon blood is last thing left. selling it for 2s 50c. (Oil of the weapon smith) ("Improving weapon smithing products using imbued tool will be easier.") cod from xanadu. hand to hand possible. Pm me ingame, here, or post below