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  1. Evzen is a very good worker, helped me a lot in the past and is very efficient at what he does, great help! Wholeheartedly recommending him!
  2. You will need: Litd pendulum to locate white shark or marlin spots Perch for white sharks and minnows for marlins A professional reel Braided lines Fishing pole Metal hooks Floats (twigs seem to be the easiest) Lots of time. As fish do have difficulties (even if not listed) and the ql of the fish determines the weight of the fish, and because both marlins and white sharks are special will take you some fishing skilling to get to the point where you can catch those at a ql big enough for 75kg. For me....I started skilling fishing exactly for this purpose and my 75+kg white shark I caught (with quite a bit of luck) at 69 fishing. Under that is not that you don't catch them, but just like with casting, the ql mean depends heavily on your skill. Fishing is still not a hard skill, I was averaging about 2 skillpoints per hour...once you play a bit with the reels (Hint: the best reel is not the best for everything, for top skillgain you need to adjust the reel to what you are catching and to your skill level) Hope this helps!
  3. I believe I will be closing down access to the map and this thread. It seems people are unwilling to help but they are very willing to take advantage of others that do the work. (226 views on this forum thread, 532 accesses on the page, so it is getting used a lot..) Instead, I will switch this to a "if you add something, you get access" type of scenario. Without seeing the map in advance, people could possibly submit the same ones again and again, but at least that way I can double check locations AND in case something new appears, add it to the map. Btw, no epic structure posted in this thread counts to get access... I am still figuring out how to do this, will come up with a solution asap. I am sorry for the good and fair people out there, but...I don't like or care about free riders. PS. naturally, the 3 people that posted will get prime access to this
  4. No such rule exists, nor it would be possible to exist as it infringes the very core of what wurm online stands for...a sandbox...
  5. Can we get a confirmation on this please? @Retrograde - because on Niarja as well as in-game only the ones completed for missions appear in the area event messages
  6. Thank you! Added Thanks also for the list....not sure how it can help, I mean I can probably find all instances and then cross them off once they apperar here... but that would be quite long of a process I believe....
  7. That is why community support is so important on this one! And what TYPES are these structures? @Oblivionnreaver
  8. Dear Xanadians! with the new Journal quests where so many missions need to be done in order to get it I thought to turn toward the community for help with this endeavor (for me as well as any other Xanadian around). With help from others (thanks Flubb!), I managed to make a quick website that should act as a guide toward finding Epic studctures fast and solving the missions even faster. The link to the POI map can be found here: I already started populating the map, but of course ANYONE coming across these Epic structures anywhere can report their location by posting in this thread. To make things simpler, when you click on any point of the map except the markers, it will bring a pop-up that will tell you the exact coordinates of that point, so that I know exactly where to put the marker on the map. For simplicity's sake, please let me know: Xanadu is big....the more people wanting to chip in, the easier and faster and better this map will become. I really hope this will help everyone! Ps. I will update this map as often as possible. Just leave your replies in this thread Best, Thor
  9. Unfortunately this is part of taking on responsibility to organize something. As long as no one organizes anything, no one has any expectations - but because you took on the challenge now people expect something from you. On the other hand, I too wish this was handled better...You said you waited for 2 hours, did you try PM ing the people on the forums that registered? Some of them could have seen the message with plenty of time to spare The last big hurdle to get Benediction for my GF is exactly this. Eveyrihting else can be completed within a in effect, you just set back one person in particular by some time, a person that actually registered for this. I am not upset, it's a community event after all, I am just sad for relying on a system (and that is why sniping happens, because people don't trust a system...) In any case I don't want to derail the topic itself, which is very noble - but wanted to point out the irony in what has happened
  10. For example: here is one of them - give it a read if you want
  11. Southeners' chipping in! Priest name: Inspira & Biostar Main Contact: Thorakkanath, Inspira or Vitrelle Location: Thunderstorm Keep (Q11) TImes: all over the place, afternoons Central US time, evenings GMT time Gimmicks: runed mailbox, beds (via concierge for now - Inn in development), food, conversions, highway access Notes: no destroying anything offdeed, especially hedges or oaks - other than that have fun!
  12. Adding biostar as a sme priest with 100 faith 60ish chan (don't judge!)
  13. Reviving dead suggestion because......well its important and easy to implement....
  14. Ah, thanks for that Shydow, I will edit my post then to reflect only ongoing problems
  15. Dear friends and people looking for a new home! We were very disappointed in one of the new players and had to let him go. That means we are back to two plots available! Send us a message if you are interested in joining a community!
  16. Hey! I have a few issues... 1. The slay 20k creatures - can be easily tracked through achievements and I have more than enough, why do we need to go through that again? especially cause it is easily trackable (also does it have a tracker? it shows nothing, even if I killed some animals in the past few days) 2. I have a good bit over 5000 total skill points, yet the goal is not completed yet - does it not round points up and always rounds down to the full integer? I did not calculate, but maybe because of that I don't have the mission completed (according to niarja I had a few months ago 5035 points) - also the 5000 skill points has no % tracker, would be nice not to need to use niarja or calculate manually I do have to say that all the benefits are okayish, but not nearly as powerful as always +5 power in casting is from benediction Nevertheless, thank you for the great update so far, I know it must be hard work to balance everything to make it just right
  17. We are still looking for another player! In order to keep this community balanced, fun and not male centric, we would prefer to recruit another female into our community - so please get in touch with either me or inspira! Of course, we will consider everyone! But we wanted to push people that are on the fence or maybe need a small nudge to get in touch with us ...and as always...please no one touch Inspira's weeds!
  18. Our community is growing! We now have a second member on our deed, a player that started over 7 years ago but took a long sabbatical away from wurm! With him Plot 3 is now occupied!
  19. I have a few items that are white but at 100%. Bug or lack of explanation?
  20. Thank you for caring about the local scenery! After working for about 5 hours, we got back to a good situation in the tundra. All I need to complete the work is to repair 7 tiles of tundra. Do you think you can help with that? Thank you to Flubb and Explora that stayed with me and helped me destroy fences and altars!
  21. I am happy to say that Plot 2 is now taken by a good old friend of ours!
  22. So this suggestion is helping players, developers and GMs alike. Currently no vehicle is bashable. And that causes a bunch of problems. For the journal you need to make a small cart, a large cart, a wagon and a boat. What to do with them once you complete the goal if you already have all you need? NOTHING. You cannot bash them, and vehicles decay REALLY slowly. That is: Stupid, considering it's yours - you should do whatever you want with it unnecesarily adds to the (already large) database of items on each server creating unnecesary clutter bad, WHEN players leave (notice I said when and not if) mayors are left with carts/wagons/boats/... on deed that they cannot move So, this is a two part suggestion here: allow owners to bash their own vehicles (freedom only for example if you feel it's a problem for pvp; idk about pvp ramifications, and code exists to split this exists) allow mayors to bash and/or perm override to become owners of the vehicles of other people that have not logged in a given amount of time (i'd say 3 months, just like merchants and just like sped up decay on homes in the wilderness) Like I said, QoL for players is better control over their items (suggestion 1) and deeds (suggestion 2); QoL improvement for Devs (less pointless, useless calculations of decay for pointless, useless items in the databases) and QoL improvement for GMs and Players (not needing to write tickets about moving vehicles of others parked on or right in front of their deeds - and GMs not having to move stuff all the time) Thor
  23. This poll is broken.... there should have been a "HELL NO" option as well
  24. The House of Thunder of Thunderstorm Keep, the capital of Stormshield Alliance -- is recruiting! At the beginning of Xanadu we had a lot of neighbors, friends of old. Now we are the only ones left and it's quiet. Don't get us wrong! We like quiet, but sometimes the game is just boring if you don't have others to work together on projects or just chat. So we are opening our deed to three people! There are a few things we look for in people wanting to join: Players that have some Wurm experience under their belt (not much needed, but please not complete beginners) People that want to stay as part of a community rather than just stay here until they have enough funds to get their own deed Due to the configuration of our deed, some light form of roleplay is recommended in order to have fun (the nobility of the inner keep and the aspiring knights/ladies living in the outer keep (you)) English as preffered communication language EU/US location recommended Mature players that don't take things personal. Due to cultural differences it can be easy to get your feelings hurt, even when other people did not intend to offend anyone (include here bad jokes...) SOME form of neatness. As you probably will notice from the pictures, our deed is pretty clean of junk and stuff laying everywhere. We would like to keep it like that as much as possible ...onwards TO THE PICTURES! ...the plots Plot 1 The innermost plot, closest to the Inner Keep 12x4 tiles overall 46 tiles effective Plot 2 At the eastern side of the Keep, next to the Customs and Trading Center building 12x5 tiles overall 56 tiles effective Plot 3 At the southern part of the Keep, next to the South Gate, this plot has beautiful views on the keep and the surroundings 10x7 tiles overall 65 tiles effective ...the small print about deed rules no taking stuff that does not belong to you without asking please, no buildings higher than 2 stories (has to do with the light roleplay we were talking about earlier and the overall deed design) do not harvest Inspira's crops (she wants them to wither by themselves) How to contact us by replying here by messaging Thorakkanath here or in-game by messaging Inspira or VItrelle in-game through smoke signals or by shouting really loud We look forward to welcoming you to our Keep, Thorakkanath and Inspira, King and Queen of Thunderstorm Keep
  25. Our deed is called Thunderstorm Keep and is built on the side of a mountain. I got a Jet Black called Thundermountain ?