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  1. I mostly agree with this. However there's a couple things I would not agree with and would maybe tweak. This is mostly just due to the scale/hide distribution and Valrei charges. I like the idea of having to fight for the hide/scale in order to be rewarded, that seems right to me. However I do not think the amount given should be based off of the damage dealt, as this only rewards the stronger players more than others. I think it should be a damage threshold that people must reach to be rewarded with hide and scale. Similarly I think this is how it should be with tome charges, yet whatever % chance from however many potential candidates of the fighters who reach a (probably higher) threshold of damage. This takes a bit more focused rewards away from high-end toons and weapons and more evenly split among worthy slayers. Otherwise +1
  2. It is a fairly classic thing to do, my place could also benefit from a couple lion statues.
  3. +1 Also there's the weird thing of cats are hostile whilst dogs are not, which personally, in the real world I've experienced the opposite.
  4. No I'm not the admin, but this is our own personal friend group. Again as it says, it's on Epic settings in regards to skill gains. There are NO MODIFICATIONS to the server, the code is what it is for everyone else who's playing the base game.
  5. There is no modifications to our server. This is Wurm Unlimited, so no, no re-premium. Yes I did try to replicate it with more butchering, re-logging and butchering, re-logging and trying other things that grant skillgains. I feel that it may have bugged out somehow, and entered the saved up body strength my priest missed out on due to penalties of being such. Though I don't understand how.
  6. So, about an hour ago from posting this, Iogged into my friend's server on my priest. We changed nothing in regards to skillgains or anything of the sort. I went to go butcher a nearby chicken because it was simply dead, waste not want not. Then... I gained 4.80 body strength from doing so, if this is coded rather closely to Wurm Online, you may wanna get on this and make sure it gets fixed. I suspect it MAY be the catchup of Body Strength my priest would have gotten if not for the penalties of body and mind gains from being a priest Sorry for really shoddy looking post, I'm not a forum person. Edit: This is also on Epic skill curve, if that's any help.
  7. Hey Despise, if you mean to follow Libila but still be part of Freedom, you can do that by being the mayor of a deed, going to Libila's bone altar then converting there, it will say you joined HotS but really, you haven't. Yet you'll still get to follow Libila, which I think is a bug but oh well, it works like that. =D
  8. Leather knife (C62) - 65c CoD Cayh.