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  1. so much pink i felt like i just got chased by a fluff ball of cotton candy. I'll bump +1 if you release from it. This was over the top part funny part serious post of yours.
  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season, great news!!
  3. wts 2 referals, 6.2s each + cod if applicable.
  4. I would like to see some mobs in between the difficulty of a troll and that of a unique. The sense of danger and difficulty of the fight felt as a noob is something i'd like to see continue through the mid level players and up.
  5. I want that mask, the Goblin Crown is amazing too!!! Now if we could have to wear ourselves if we kill him, like the cow helm the Troll King wears, I'd want to sharpen up my fight skill and have a crack at them.
  6. This could be interesting in the game. I'd want them to be a bit heavier than a two hander, shoot slower than a bow, yet do more damage. Love the idea
  7. A small suggestion, when conducting research. It is best to let the findings dictate the answers or point towards answers. The way you set up the case suggests problems and negativity imposing them into the "research". This can only result in skewed findings that won't be very meaningful other than to assert a point you may already hold
  8. I have thought of doing this very thing when seeing the update on crude tools. I'd like to hear more
  9. Crude stuff

    I'm happy about the addition of more crude tool options. Fun for the true adventurer to go out into the vast wilderness with nothing but his dreams and from there craft all by hand and make his own world
  10. Roaming like a Mongol

  11. TY for the links, i've upgraded and works fine.
  12. This is certainly a way to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into something good. I applaud you all for doing this.
  13. +1 to these ideas, could always benefit from some of these. I'd like to see a wagon with no cover, and holds nothing inside, yet is a people hauler..land knarr. It would be very useful to move people around at unique hunts, impalongs, those that have an army of alts.
  14. I think steam would bring in more players. It is up for debate whether the game as it is now could handle the influx. I hear the steam audience is a bit more immature/trolly yet given how things have been, i'm unsure how much worse we could get. It's an interesting gamble i'd be willing to take. As to the shop and micro transactions. I really really think CC should do this. not items that would give any function to the game as it would be against the crafting , you make your own world core of wurm. But vanity and cosmetic items would really add more to the game and coin in the business of the game.