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  1. Private vanilla server set on a custom map ( ). I'm set for relaxing experience without much grind. Setup: • Skillgain is set to x10. • Action timers x10. • Starting skills 30. Deeding cost and upkeep is enabled to prevent creating too big deeds. 1s is provided every 24h for each active player. No mods to ensure maximum uptime in case of new release. Plants growth rate is set to 24h. Limitations and rules: 1. Maximum 3 characters per IP. 2. Griefing is not allowed. 3. All disputes will be settled by Admin. Website: Check status and uptime:
  2. IP address change

    So just to give you update: I have gave up on Wurm altogether. I decided to share some of the script I wrote to make my life easier. Here's a link: Maybe it will be help to someone.
  3. IP address change

    Hi guys, need a bit of advice. I stopped playing but I keep a server for people who still play. The ISP is changing address range and I had to switch server to a new IP. I have updated DNS, updated settings in WurmLauncher, restarted the server. I opened the client, double click on my server and... Connection refused. I have checked using Wireshark and apparently client connects to old IP address. If I use "Connect by IP" and enter new IP, it connects. To make sure serwer will get re-registered I have slightly changed it's name. Name gets refreshed on server list but game attempts to connect with old IP again. Any ideas how to force IP update on the server list?
  4. Get Steam ID of player

    Bit late to the party: so if I understand all that correctly, in Wurm Unlimited database we have only hash based off the SteamID, and we can't retrieve original SteamID. Where we can open a "feature request" with Devs to have that added to database? Or is there a mod which does that? Even displaying SteamID in logs would be good enough for me. Reason behind it is that I want to give rewards based on votes on third party website. That website offers API so I can check which steam ID voted on my server. Player name is not good enough, I need to know steam name or steamID. Is there a mod which could help here? I was considering setting up a website where player can login using Steam OAuth and associate player name with their steam account, but that's another complication which I want to avoid. Giving rewards based on player name is not an option: with Steam launcher you can create huge number of alts. Rewards by IP make even less sense.
  5. Great news! Can't wait. 1. What will be memory requirements for the server? 2. Do you plan to release Linux version of the server software?
  6. Roleplay Village

    Can you say bit more how would you imagine this being implemented. How would that role play village work? Give examples: do character work at night time or do they only login in day time and spend night time in beds? Do you use all "emotes" and try not to use modern language?
  7. Mob Spawn

    You lucky lucky bastard! All I get is roosters all over the place. o_O
  8. Motion Sickness in Wurm

    Reduce details to minimum to improve FPS, increase FOV to get you better "peripheral vision". I get motion sickness when playing games from low FPS - I can recognize when it's down to 30 (also: f**k "cinematic 30fps" in games).
  9. crafted ingame currency

    I think you're forgetting most obvious thing: there's no demand for another currency. Not to mention there's not enough people to use it.. I'm perfectly ok with silver and I don't see why would I need to use one more currency system. Don't get me wrong, I do understand need to create something what you design and "own", that's what the game is about. But there has to be bit more than that.
  10. Forum profile pic not uploading.

    Didn't work for me either, so I used "gravatar" option instead. That seems to be working.
  11. Fix the damn PvE rules!

    Guys, simple question for you: we have a public fridge in the office. I put there my sandwich. There's no name on it, just a plastic bag. Is it public property or is it still mine? Are other free to eat it?
  12. Fix the damn PvE rules!

    Last few posts (about bashing undeeded mine entrance) seems to me like a discussion between reality and in-game reality. These are completely two different things and imho opinion you can't expect someone in-game to be playing by real world rules. To do so we would need a game engine which can simulate every grain of sand on the beach. Guys, you're never gonna agree, just move on.
  13. [SOLD OUT]Pelts with CoC

    Can I have #6 please, COD to Parsiuk. Thank you.
  14. Fix the damn PvE rules!

    This thread is like a "reality check" for me. When I started playing Wurm I got very warm welcoming from existing players. I joined a small village, got assigned a house and a job to do. So I was digging away, crafting in the meantime and everything was fine. I got premium because that Wurm looks like a such a nice game to play with nice people. ...and then I came to forums, I read about people griefing, trolling, GM's getting bribed (WTF like?!), game rules being changed to lessen the load on GM's, etc. Now I want to quit! Seriously, is it really that common to get griefed or is it just few unlucky individuals?