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  1. As a local resident of this area, I must say thank you to everyone who made this fantastic construct!
  2. I would love to join the hunt. Just landed 70 FS and 50 Huge Axe tonight! I'm with Gunner and Azreal on their deed, a local delian!
  3. Thank you! Extremely fast delivery!
  4. saw (iron, b68) 1.95q please! CoD to Amdir
  5. Looking for an offer on a rare coffin. Pm here or ingame at Amdir if you are interested
  6. 8s Glad to see what you guys are doing!
  7. Please Close

    Found a maker in game. Please close.
  8. Please Close

    Looking to buy a small axe, Life Transfer is a must. Also looking for nimbleness, Circle of Cunning, Mind Steal, and Animal's Demise. Please post or PM your offers, including what quality of weapon and enchants you can achieve as well as cost. Ingame - Amdir Please Close