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  1. Cheap garage sale

    Vyzeni lakeview on xanadu, bottom left corner of D23 you can park your boat at D24 oceanview estate pm me when you are planning to go, ill bring it down to oceanview estate for you, i dont play the game though so i wont be ingame sent, but i seem to have sold the 60woa,77 coc pickaxe, sorry about that
  2. Cheap garage sale

    i can not mail to rumi if he is on epic
  3. Cheap garage sale

    Cods have been sent out ____________________ Its actually not mailable
  4. PC on character

  5. Cheap garage sale

    sent, and still plenty of things left to sell
  6. WTS charcter with deed

    oh wow, you sold so quickly minn xD keeping on WU all the time now?
  7. Cheap garage sale

    50c for the pendulum, 1s for the compass
  8. Cheap garage sale

    maybe 40c?
  9. Cheap garage sale

  10. Cheap garage sale

    hey, just noticed i need the rune to apply on mailbox before i can cod, give me a sec on it Do you want me to hold and cod them for you once i get that sorted?
  11. Cheap garage sale

    Coding both of your orders right away
  12. Cheap garage sale

    Hi all, Looking to sell everything here fast and cheap. Aiming to sell as much as I can. Throw me a quick offer with your name per item and I will cod them to you I will edit out the things that sell as they go Prices set, some can be negotiated Tools Weapons, Shields, clothes & armor Horse Equipment Misc & Extras Flags/Banners
  13. PC on character

    Looking for a PC on this Crooked of the path of Knowledge, roughly 3 skillpoints from 70 to get 25% xp bonus on skills
  14. Hota's / Gifts Sale

    cod me one yule reindeer to Gum