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  1. Skins are cool and all. But why cant they all be permamently be availible in the shop with new additions monthly? Why do they have to be a "limited time" thing ? Almost every game nowadays have time limited this, time limited that its just tiring in general. Surely its beneficial to everyone that they are availible to be bought at any time ?
  2. huh, is nexa still active? i left the alliance since it was dead a while ago
  3. Bought open helmet, still looking for the shield
  4. Bump, I need to move my token now since i re-designed my deed Though it seems I will have to diband and redeed for this time
  5. Looking for a rare+ med wooden shield
  6. Shame to see you leave, especially if you enjoy the game in the first place. You can always try to hop on SFI and hit up one of the solid communities there - there is a few that is very active and value community and activity together I myself play in the middle of nowhere on xanadu, ive seen 1 person in local the last year. I myself know what lonely is But I did join an active alliance even though they are far away, the chat is going strong. And i've met a couple people that I enjoy talking to. Hope you come back and give it another shot one day
  7. shovel, iron: BOTD 90: 60c imp it to QL 90 please, and send it to Reincarnation. thank you
  8. 1x shortsword blade to reincarnation
  9. 2h Sword, silver, 71ql, 76nimb, 71LT, 77coc, 63ms - 9s CoD to Levona please, thank you
  10. still got the rare vynora puppet, can you pm me how much you want for it?
  11. Oh shizzle, reckon i can buy the 1k reed and 1k rice? could you deliver them to windrip canal entrance? same place you delivered willow & oak earlier? (can pay you the delivery also) - Reincarnation
  12. 14. rare long bow, willow 5ql - 2s80c Reincarnation , thank you