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  1. 1 gnome to gum please, ty
  2. QL 70 Large Anvil w79 c73 (100c) QL 87 Small Anvil w69 c67 (90c) To Gum please, thanks
  3. No #2 (small banners) 10s - Gum
  4. Any plans to update the bridge textures to match the marble buildings etc like the other bridges match theyre counterpart?
  5. .
  6. These can be removed Add this Vyzeni Lakeview
  7. These things looking dope! Sent you a pm egard for some things i want to buy
  8. Too overkill Thanks though
  9. Botd and rare preferably ty, pm me
  10. Close
  11. Still looking
  12. Bumo, still looking
  13. Not looking for a pvp character, but would need atleast 70 fs - generally a decent crafter , decent med skill is bonus but not a must. Price depends on its skill range doesnt it?
  14. Looking for something with a few 90's and decent gathering skills, pm me details, skilldump and asking price Favourable 90's or high skill would be any of: Blacksmith Carp Masonry Cloth tailor Pottery But generally open to any decent character Ty