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  1. Close
  2. Still looking
  3. Bumo, still looking
  4. Not looking for a pvp character, but would need atleast 70 fs - generally a decent crafter , decent med skill is bonus but not a must. Price depends on its skill range doesnt it?
  5. Looking for something with a few 90's and decent gathering skills, pm me details, skilldump and asking price Favourable 90's or high skill would be any of: Blacksmith Carp Masonry Cloth tailor Pottery But generally open to any decent character Ty
  6. Still for sale, pm me offers
  7. Still have this for sale
  8. Bump, its still for sale
  9. Bump, still for sale
  10. Bump
  11. Close
  12. all beams have been sold off now
  13. only the CoC 95 one left, still want?
  14. All items sent over
  15. No, i dont deliver also have 400 now