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  1. Glad most of the toxic people went over to new freedoms dont have to deal with them until the eventual merge
  2. Hello, I would like to add a canal to the map if possible, currently it is passable by knarr's but will be for all boats later. But it is private at the moment (want it on map so its easier for deliveries and for friends etc) I would like to name the canal as follows: Windrip Canal (Big creds to @Madnathfor helping mine out and kill veins for this awesome 3tile wide canal ) Coordinates are as follows, start to end - 6546, 1197 <-> 6199, 1197 <-Can this also be added, I have a deed there called Windrip Canal Entrance
  3. After playing a week on the steam servers, with a deed and all. I think im just going to go back to Xan and play my original characters now xD
  4. SOLD

    26s - Lenova
  5. Did you consider to upgrade to a better computer? xD
  6. ok so.. the character i just created via the link from the launcher where it says to "register account here to play" is not gonna work on the steam? also premmed that one........ That is very bad if so because nowhere does it tell you to just write a username then you are done.. Could you confirm that the char i just registered 15 mins ago is unusable on steam?
  7. SPOT FILLED Looking for a job to earn some silver? Well I've got a bunch of vein's in a canal ive mined out that I need gone Perfect job if you are new and looking to earn you'r premium, but any veterans is also welcome. Bed's will be provided, along with food. You can PM me on the forums to discuss you'r charge, or find me ingame by PM-ing my character Reincarnation
  8. Would be nice with some difference in roof colours +1
  9. Can you PM me price on the rare pickaxe? thanks
  10. Dragon shoulderpads, pumpkin shoulderpads Rare enchanted pickaxe, rare small metalshield and rare medium shield, cod to Reincarnation please Also rare enchanted axe