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  1. SPOT FILLED Looking for a job to earn some silver? Well I've got a bunch of vein's in a canal ive mined out that I need gone Perfect job if you are new and looking to earn you'r premium, but any veterans is also welcome. Bed's will be provided, along with food. You can PM me on the forums to discuss you'r charge, or find me ingame by PM-ing my character Reincarnation
  2. glimmersteel medallion, nymph how much?
  3. how much for the fantastic knapsack?
  4. Would be nice with some difference in roof colours +1
  5. Can you PM me price on the rare pickaxe? thanks
  6. Dragon shoulderpads, pumpkin shoulderpads Rare enchanted pickaxe, rare small metalshield and rare medium shield, cod to Reincarnation please Also rare enchanted axe
  7. 1 green gnome and 1 red to Gum please
  8. Windrip Estate 6508, -1195 Thanks
  9. Right elaborate 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Cod to Gum please, thank you
  10. Rare dark foresters wool hat (2s) To Gum please ty