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  1. Rare dark foresters wool hat (2s) To Gum please ty
  2. Close Please

    Witches hat leather 54.86ql 1s to Gum? dont know how they go for if not PM me please about it
  3. Anyone got tips on efficient way to do 10 000 items into trash bin? How does it count, can I just pop things in, take out and pop them back in . Or do they need to decay or has to be different items etc?
  4. actually 50euros would be lucky to find a buyer for that, so gladiator is right on this one..
  5. Vyzeni Lakeview you can remove this, ty
  6. . posted wrong post, lol sorry....
  7. close

  8. hey man rare gold ring rare fo puppet 3 reindeers 2 saddle sacks 1 valentines hatchet ql 88,95 with woa&coc grooming brush coc77 iron longsword N69, c69, LT78 iron saw w74, c85 small anvil w82 trowel bodt 75 file coc91 xor rake and finally the 90ql butchering knife cod these to Gum please, ty
  9. Pick 82w70c, stone chisel 88w63c, med rug to Gum pls, ty
  10. might be interested to join, roughly where are you located, is it far from shores? and is there availible space on deed ?
  11. Close plz

    Pickaxe QL20 coc89 Pickaxe QL71 C51 W48 Saw QL72 W41 C65 Shovel QL75 W47 C54 Saw QL72 W41 C65 Stone chisel QL72 W72 To Gum please
  12. Sold

    Verified paypal, Pm me Availible: 100s