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  1. I'm new to the game and just made an account, the problem is I tried changing the password after learning the community password is different from the avatar in game password, and apart from the fact it was confusing as it said "old password" suggesting I already had a password for the avatar that I wasn't aware I had set up, I tried to change the password to activate this new avatar password and have it emailed to me, after checking several times, I knew I had entered the correct email, however I was instantly prompted with an error saying "email unknown". If a mod or admin could manually email a password change/reset that would help, providing it doesn't link me back to that page or the password reset page as I had similar issues with that aswell, on the password reset screen I was just being looped around between entering my email and entering a security question, I thought I'd wait the hour anyway that it tells me to do but nothing happened. My username is "Drifter"