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  1. I'm goldencreedzz in game and wish to join
  2. WTS enchanted items coc 66 70ql saw coc 71 trowel 70ql coc 51 71ql mallet coc 57 40ql shovel coc 69 15ql shovel N49 and F27 2handed sword 71ql WTS enchanted and rare items a rare stone chisle 84ql coc 80 and 37 woa Edit 1: stone chisle has been sold
  3. no but ill still trade with you we are at d9 ill bring stuff or what ever when you need it ill come to help until i need somthing you have
  4. hello we are Deaths lair we are on xan but we do pvp and give armour and stuff so if you dont mind coming here we will accept you but we dont have space on my hill for u to have your own place but we can work it out P.S. we do choas pvp 2nd P.S. you could make another account or i could pick you up or you go through a portal .
  5. hello deaths lair will kindly allow you to join us we do youtube have our own hill to build on needs alot of work though but we give you boat armour weapons but we are on west side at d9 i can pick you up if needed thought and together we will create the best village ever .
  6. Deaths Lair will take you and get you free armour and weapons
  7. Hello we will take you check here to see if we have what you want http://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/131313-deaths-lair-is-recruiting-for-nice-ppl/
  8. hey its 9pm here im also near you i think so we will have to do it tomorrow or pm me here to wait
  9. 7:16PM right now so if you can make it in time great or if not we will do it 3PM EST
  10. Hi Deaths Lair could we could help you learn the game we are new at a good hunting spot. a ship small cart and weapons and armour will be provided to you and we dont have many villagers yet but we are nice and help how ever we can ill pick you up and take you to d9 pm me here or entropiaherox in-game ​