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  1. battle rank should = king and have it updated every month or 2.
  2. First to capture a camp after spawning receives a few pieces of moon metal. Captures after will not give any more. THIS IS A LIE. CAPTURING A CAMP ONLY GAVE ME 1 LUMP AND IM SUPER TRIGGERED. GIVE ME 2 MORE LUMPS [10:42:48] A lump of moon metal has appeared in your inventory.
  3. morphaana is winner winner chicken dinner
  4. This auction is for everything in the screen shot Starting Bid: 10s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 35s Snipe Protection: 30 minutes The clay shaper has 51 coc, i forgot to label it
  5. close

    is the meat free-range?
  6. fireheart isnt the only spell that does lots of damage. its basically every spell rn because nobody has soul strength. and im not proposing introducing all those changes, im just giving ideas of restrictions that priests could have instead of having crafting being taken away. it could be 1 of those ideas or none of them. what im trying to get across is that the nerfs/restrictions for priests should be pvp related and not crafting related
  7. how is healing and doing 30% or more damage with spells useless? im 29 channeling and never fail a fireheart and every time they do 25% damage to players or horses
  8. how much is 900+100?
  9. imo the entire priest restriction system needs a rework, at least on the pvp server. i agree that there should be a downside to priesting up, but losing the ability to craft is the wrong way to go about it. this restriction takes like half the content away from players that priest up. it also puts more stress on players that dont priest up because after a loss they end up having to do all of the crafting. I think priests should be able to craft and the nerfs or restrictions should be pvp related. this would make it so 90% of the players dont rely on 10% of the players for gear. Some penalties or restrictions that i think could work are: -20% damage resistance nerf -limit priests to leather or cloth armour -limiting priests to using one handed weapons only. -small cr nerf I think changes like these would make the pvp server way more healthy and keep player retention higher. im pretty sure the majority of the people who have quit so far are crafters who get burnt out regearing people each fight. it would also make being a non-priest pvp viable by being more tanky. Short version: pretty please switch the priest crafting restrictions with pvp restrictions/nerfs. priests can cross to harmony from defiance and craft there anyways so the only thing the current restriction does is burn out non-priests
  10. give butchering a tiny chance to get rare and supreme bones like digging has. it would give people more incentive to butcher the mobs they kill and it makes sense
  11. +1 i like the idea of making alchemy more useful
  12. doesnt bleu have the black dragon penned on cadence too?
  13. to attract more pve players to pve maybe add journal missions in like bash an enemy guard tower, kill an enemy player, kill a king, or other things that can only be done on defiance. this would give everyone an incentive to try pvp at least 1 time and maybe they will like it
  14. the new hota thing sounds interesting, idk how well it will work without general locations being given. also something very important that i think this server needs is more incentive to not priest up. its basically a requirement to be a priest for pvp which hurts kingdoms when there are very few crafters. maybe add something like priests have -20% damage resistance. like when was the last time anyone saw a buff priest irl?
  15. could give non priests a cr or damage bonus against priests. or something like that
  16. i need a 70ql needle, leather knife, and awl with 60-80 coc or botd for a reasonable price. hit me up here or ingame at jamoose
  17. this is a great idea. it would create fair and balanced gameplay from all kingdoms. The pvp server is very imbalanced currently with the bl zerg
  18. it would be pretty cool if locate soul actually had some distance on this giant map. the spell is basically worthless right now
  19. i think the excess storage idea would be good if you didnt have favor being wasted during the cast time. its going to cost more favor to grind if anyone uses the extra storage. with how hard it is to make good door locks or square pieces of cloth rn i dont see any reason for people to use it.
  20. what if there were favor fountains randomly spread out like source fountains with like 2000 favor and when you drink the contents you gain favor. would help people get their geared enchanted and be another incentive for roaming.
  21. if items could cross between pve and pvp that would take a lot of the load off players by being able to purchase gear or deed mats instead of gather/make them yourself. it would also give defiance an active market which would be cool
  22. i think if a deed becomes unchained then they should lose their raid window protection and be raidable until they rechain their deed
  23. winner winner chicken dinner [13:38:31] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.