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  1. I actually think this would be a really good idea and would help build a much more trustworthy PVP community. I've been negatively affected by accusations of spying in the past because of the actions of my brother. He once used an alt to infiltrate a deed by posing as me, and when I started playing the game more actively nobody trusted me or even believed i was a real person. If we had to provide reliable information to our mayors such as our real life addresses, email addresses, IP address, phone number, etc and had a mandatory voice interview in teamspeak or something, then the "spy problem" could be eliminated entirely. I would've had a much more enjoyable experience getting into this game and think this suggestion would have a very positive affect on the community.
  2. So on blh the other day we got a mission to Description: Libila needs you to sacrifice 882 decent octopus. With all of bl doing this mission i don't think we would even be able to complete it. I think many people would appreciate it if rare fish like that get taken out of missions.
  3. i will role play with you my lord.
  4. i am a hard working crafter that works hard on being a hard worker and this makes being a hard working crafter that works hard not hard. i think it is good for hard working crafters to be hard working or the work isnt hard. i would like all hard working crafters to work hard at remaining to be hard working crafters. on behalf of hard working crafters that work hard at being a hard working crafter i say no.
  5. the ai is advancing
  6. 100% disagree, i keep all my stuff in forges in my garden, nobody checks the forges.
  7. i have been playing for a long and hard time and my saddles dont go in the things i want them in so i need many things to get them in what i want them in so there should be a thing to get them in together so i dont need many things to get them in because it takes space to have many things to get them in the things so that is why i want a thing for them instead of many things i think many people want their things in one thing instead of many things too so could you make a thing for all of us to keep our things in?
  8. proph pretends to be a bad boy, but i knew he had a big heart.
  9. do epic keep apples?
  10. i need someone to sell me apples on epic because i need to buy apple from someone on epic
  11. when i shot an arrow before it went in the air
  12. -1 this is an outrage! how could you even say this. shame.