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  1. Some Epic Things

    hey whykillme i can hug you if you want a hug, i have good hugs. retro has been tempted to have one of my hugs but he needs to play golf it first. if you do take one of my hugs make sure you let retro know what he is missing out on.
  2. Valrei International. 040

    wurm u may have a better skilling system or it may be worse, thats not the point. people have grinded on epic for years and with the wurm u skilling system it would just take a matter of hours to get 80 in a skill. don't you think this will upset the many people who have grinded their accounts or purchased their accounts. It will make everyone's time wasted and money wasted. a new skilling system should not be implemented on a server that people have been working on for years. put a new skilling system on a new cluster instead of ruining an entire cluster.
  3. Valrei International. 040

    please do not change the skilling system on epic. if people wanted wurm u skilling they would play wurm u
  4. I would like it if all the effort epic players put into their account wasn't wiped away with a silly unnecessary update to the skilling system. people play wurm online instead of wurm u because of the different skilling system. if epic gets turned into wurm u then what is the point of it anymore? just make an official wurm u server and leave epic's skilling system alone. please.
  5. I actually think this would be a really good idea and would help build a much more trustworthy PVP community. I've been negatively affected by accusations of spying in the past because of the actions of my brother. He once used an alt to infiltrate a deed by posing as me, and when I started playing the game more actively nobody trusted me or even believed i was a real person. If we had to provide reliable information to our mayors such as our real life addresses, email addresses, IP address, phone number, etc and had a mandatory voice interview in teamspeak or something, then the "spy problem" could be eliminated entirely. I would've had a much more enjoyable experience getting into this game and think this suggestion would have a very positive affect on the community.
  6. Fishing Valrei Missions

    So on blh the other day we got a mission to Description: Libila needs you to sacrifice 882 decent octopus. With all of bl doing this mission i don't think we would even be able to complete it. I think many people would appreciate it if rare fish like that get taken out of missions.
  7. Sigma PVP Many Mods Custom Map

    i will role play with you my lord.
  8. Improved Improve in WO

    i am a hard working crafter that works hard on being a hard worker and this makes being a hard working crafter that works hard not hard. i think it is good for hard working crafters to be hard working or the work isnt hard. i would like all hard working crafters to work hard at remaining to be hard working crafters. on behalf of hard working crafters that work hard at being a hard working crafter i say no.

    the ai is advancing

    100% disagree, i keep all my stuff in forges in my garden, nobody checks the forges.

    i have been playing for a long and hard time and my saddles dont go in the things i want them in so i need many things to get them in what i want them in so there should be a thing to get them in together so i dont need many things to get them in because it takes space to have many things to get them in the things so that is why i want a thing for them instead of many things i think many people want their things in one thing instead of many things too so could you make a thing for all of us to keep our things in?
  12. remove lib lock

    proph pretends to be a bad boy, but i knew he had a big heart.
  13. [WU] Datamining

    do epic keep apples?