To allow for easier spread and ensure players of all time zones can attend one, the Melody rift will be delayed by 12 hours


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  1. It has slight damage, we can negotiate a reduced price if you'd like.
  2. It's come time to clear my floor of the junk that inhabits it. All prices are negotiable, will be sent via mail or by pickup from FM inde. Buyer pays cod in addition to price listed. PM: asparagus with any questions/concerns/negotiated prices. Pelts 93ql wild cat 32c 98ql wild cat WoA 67 CoC 81 85c 90ql Large rat CoC 72 60c 93ql Large rat CoC 55 WoA 59 70c 99ql Large rat 50c 94ql large rat CoC 41 50c 96ql Large Rat CoC 13 40c 90ql lion 30c 82ql lion WoA 60 CoC 50 45c 78ql dog pelt CoC 18 32c 81ql deer hide 20c Whetstones 99ql 25c 96ql coc 34 40c 96ql 3x 20c 95ql WoA 49 CoC 71 50c 94ql WoA 53 40c 94ql WoA 47 CoC 66 47c 94ql 4x 15c 88ql CoC 49 25c 88ql WoA 54 CoC 58 35c 88ql 15c 88ql WoA 49 CoC 46 25c 82ql CoC 54 20c tools 90ql saw WoA 75 CoC 41 1s 80ql hatchet 15c 80ql hatchet CoC 7 25c 66ql leather knife 15c 23ql rake CoC 71 25c 76ql hammer 25c 52ql hammer 15c Other Stuff 41ql small metal shield CoC 63 45c 74ql fruit press thornwood CoC 34 45c 59ql fruit press pinewood 25c 66ql pendulum Lurker/Deep 33 30c 52ql pendulum Lurker/Deep 73 35c 74ql large shield 25c 73ql medium shield 25c snow lanterns 3x 75c per soft cap 75c rares 51ql rare chain boot 1s 65ql rare chain coif 1.2s 33ql rare fruit press cedarwood 1.5s misc 70ql large anvil 2x 25c per
  3. The 3:50 nim 76 LT 70 cod to Asparagus please