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  1. Public cow slaying

    But that's a girl cow.
  2. As a player new to the whole Sorcery thing, I am learning quite a lot. However, I tend to be forgetful of some details as the months and years go by, like which sorcery tomes/items my character has consumed. I propose a small "/sorcery" command in the game that can be used like "/titles" in order to view the progress of a sorcerer's journey. I looked through the history of "sorcery" in the suggestions forum, and saw a lot of people asking for a way to manage the titles, so perhaps this can be a UI feature that could also manage those. Yes, I know you can work out what tomes/items you have consumed from the status effects, but that seems a bit over-complicated. If I can dream big, maybe this UI can also list "Items Consumed," "Spell Granted," and perhaps the "Date Added" Thank you for reading my idea! -Rayen, High Mason of Port Rayen, Cadence
  3. Thanks to everyone who came to the slaying!
  4. Visually confirmed. ETA 2021-01-25 11:39 PM CST
  5. For those sending me messages that say that I am being too temperamental about someone farting on me, I want to make it clear that it was so rancid that I upchucked the pizza I had just paid a lot for, and the smell wouldn't leave my beard for over 7 hours.
  6. My fellow countrymen! Here I was, finally taking a walk off-deed and smelling the roses, when this big green dude decided to sit on the very rose bush I was enjoying! Then he farted on me! My fellow countrymen! I seek your assistance to get my revenge on this strange giant troll thing that has wronged me so! We managed to track him to start our revenge at Horse Statue village at M13 on Cadence! My fellow countrymen! I ask for your help in pardoning this venerable green man from life at 5pm CST on 1/24/21 There is easy access by sailing north from T13 or T16 My fellow countrymen! If you have further questions, please /tell Rayen in-game!
  7. Cadence Community Map

    Port Rayen 1344, 2912 Mission Landmark: Obelisk Charge of Tongues 1341, 2969 Deed "Object on a shelf" NW of Port Rayen disbanded a while back.