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  1. glimmer 89 0.35 2s 84 0.33 2s ada 84 0.35 2s 87 0.35 2s rare 86 0.36 2.5s seryll 84 0.25 67 0,19 72 0.16 all 3 lumps 2s free pads:ribboned, small, right basic, left shielding dragon pad 75 no dmg 3s socketed ring 30c rare recipe "pork belly rilons" free
  2. glimmer lump 83 0.33 2.5s 84 0.34 2.5s 83 0.32 2.5s 87 0.34 2.5s 83 0.34 2.5s ada 81 0.33 2s 82 0.32 2s 85 0.34 2s 86 0.34 2s seryll 86 0.25 1s human skull pad no dmg 3s socketed ring unused 2x 1s neclkace of pretection 1s artisan ring with skillgain knifes 1s
  3. yee, i think so. Some menu for tammed/dominated creature to get more stages. it seems huge deal for using another mount aminals in battle
  4. But armor solve nothing. Tamed bear hold approx 1 min alive in rift. There should be some defence state according loyality. If loyal lvl will be over 15, then appear menu, which get pet defence state and riding dmg will be equival as horse.
  5. Raiding tamed animal is quite useless in game, when animal get fast few hits its over. There will be nice to set some defense state according loyal level a get hits same as horse.
  6. rare toolbelt 3s if accept to sukime
  7. there should be nice cmd line: reveal {animal}
  8. should be nice to have different colour on list for uniques and champions. this is mess now.
  9. I am confused, that many spells are useless for long time and need only change one number in code. Also fractic charge has useless timeout. On 50ch it give me approx 30s. So its waste favor for that cast. Y can find many other spells, which need tweak.
  10. I have no menu to disintegrate on nahjo. But I remember mag priest is stupidly hard to destroy even on high chanelling.
  11. please get work disintegrate on pve
  12. dominating

    Last i posted bug in dominate rift creatures. Result was to cancel dominate on rift wit no changelog? Why? Dominate is death, but can be nice feature for rift.
  13. glimmer 89 0.36 2s 83 0.33 2s 82 0.33 2s ada 84 0.34 2s 90 0.36 2s seryll 83 0.25 1s unused necklace of fosus 1s artisian ring with skillgain of shields 2s necklace of protection 1s
  14. rare hammer 4.5s, if yee cod to sukime
  15. glimmer lump 82 0.34 2s 83 0.34 2s seryll 83 0.25 1s 86 0.27 1s 74 0.71 2s ada 65 0.22 1s right elaborate,cracted,small shoulder pad free artisian ring -improve knives 1s rift wood 40x average 17ql max 63ql 2s rift crystal 20x average 21ql max 49ql 1s
  16. I must tell some story here. I get "schizofrenia" label from current doctors. I hear voices. I am isolated from current people. Not interested by normal human doing. So I stick with games. Once i go hunt in wurm i hear that voice. I killed all animals in some desert with my alt. That voice appear and speaking to me, that was me and my love(alt char), who lived in that era and we need to understand that was real past life. Now must find that lost love and take care about nature, which i devastated before. I also interest more about current witch-doctor and predict visions. Some speaking deeply about moving continents, end of age and reborning Atlantida project to next times. But what will happen, God knows.
  17. I speculate that wurm is match with era wurm glaciation posted above with some modern add ons. I think age around 52 000 before Christ before 2nd catataclysm. We all live in that era and that why we stick with this game. I wanted to finish with this game, i am overplayed as hell, but i cant and still stick till not understand this past life. Wurm glaciation match with age of Atlantida and I am interest and read articles about that. I red some stories and hear Edgar Cayece speaking, around 100 000 after 1st cataclysm there was falling age when main power was divided into white and dark magic. Dark power was hold 12 dark black clerics with the symbol of crystal skull and some was alive to this era. There are legends that those items are more than modern computers and hold inside pictures of that era. I think that we must remember that age and understand, who we were, bring our skills to real life to understand next real being.
  18. WTK

    what char do y play? remember this item
  19. WTK

    WTK if y know All people who play wurm were part of civilisation in age of decaying Atlantis. It was time, when Atlantis was divided into white and dark people. We lived in that world in real live long time ago. Many of us dont remember it, but our soul remember it. Remember our past lives. This is not a game, this is understanding, who we were. What we play now is only repeating our past doing and we should understand out past lives and what mistakes we done. This mistakes are real, safe in soul. We must understand it, repair it and bring light back into real life. Then we will be able continue the way to God.
  20. every item is per 1s ada lump 64 0.28 71 0.28 87 0.35 glimmer 60 0.24 84 0.34 seryll 80 0.25 89 0.27 skull shoulder pad 75 0 right stylish 75 0 ring of eye unused first write first grab
  21. Pc Odynn

    According skills it seems about 1500eur, but real price is speculating if y see situation in wurm in these days. If someone want try skilled char, its probably better buy WU and set all to 99 and save money ant time. But dont like sell char, if buy it someone stupid it destroy whole char
  22. ada lump 71 0.28 1.5s ada 93 0.38 2.5s seryll 72 0.17 50c seryll 89 0.27 1s dragon pad 75 ql no dmg 2s drake hide blue 86 0.07 white 82 0.29 green 81 0.12 black 98 0.34 40c per 0.01 rare studded jacket + rune 10%dmg 2.5s
  23. want to buy without helm or hide any color, pm ingame sukime