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  1. 2 supreme clays, supreme shaft,rare clays and rare planks sold for Genocide. Devily and Pureevil your need ?
  2. Hello Guys, I have to selling 7 rare rock shards 1 rare string of cloth 7 rare stone brick 2 rare iron lump 3 rare plank 3 rare clay 2 rare log 1 rare square piece of cloth 6 rare mortars 2 supreme clay 3 rare tin lump 1 supreme shaft offers start at 8 S - Offers PM Me Bozo. delivered in all deliverance.
  3. Mining

    hello guys, take me doubt if I mineirar and pass beneath another piece of mining . type go through it only more down, I run the risk of the two parties come together ? how do you it does not?
  4. Village

    then the total would be 11s + 10s of 5 perimeter ?
  5. hello friends my doubt is this , I will create a village. did not understand the part of the perimeter , the measures of my farm are 35x32 , with the perimeter will be 45 x 42 then total area will be 45 x 42 ? I can go diminishing until only get the measure of my farm to save money ?
  6. is guys already tried everything but I found a place to create my path of love . you guys know somewhere deliverance do I buy ?
  7. It must be in an area near the water that has flowers 3x3 that?
  8. Friends already own more than 20 meditation skill but can not create the path of love, how do I create ? I want to create some enchanted grams.