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  1. You need to update the ids to match your tools using the settoolbelt command - see the section Modes in the original post.
  2. Well to be honest I didn't want to accidentially hit it, and I seldomly use guards anymore. If your fs is low you might want to bind it to something easier to hit...
  3. Ty ^^ Prior and Next are simply the LWJGL key names for Page Up and Page Down, respectively. You can find a list of key codes and names at http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Key_Codes (both games use LWJGL).
  4. Hi guys, @silverback: I might be able to make a trip to inde this Saturday. Will you able to do it this saturday? If so, how many diggers can you gather, and how much dirt do you plan do dig? @Marex: Would be great if you can drop by. If you are able to this saturday, you might even get company :-) @Trynton: Great, see you on saturday then :-) @everybody: Which of you want to keep the dirt? I plan on building bsbs on the harbor for each digger+alts to track who has dug how much. If you want to transport the dirt home immediately, you can let me have a look in the cargo ships before departure. I plan on being online most of this saturday (CET timezone).
  5. A later update today fixed the problem. Ty :-)
  6. With todays update, Wurm now looks like this: Console log: http://pastebin.com/jchY0Wuw I can still find the outlines of most objects (torches, barrels, horses, ...) and terrain tiles, but not walls and fences. As can be seen in the screenshot, FPS is around 3-5. Disabling VBOs makes the client render things correctly again, but the FPS is still just as bad. By lowering the graphics settings I am able to squeeze the framerate up to 8. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 with Oracle Java 6 and 7 and OpenJDK 6.
  7. Hi dark, can you post a link to the contents of your default.txt file? You can use http://pastebin.com/ to store it online.
  8. Hmm, are you sure you have activated a sickle when trying to prune? I haven't been using the ACTIVATE action so far, but I'll definitely try it out for building. Double clicking in you inventory is so 1990s anyway Perhaps mapping it to a spare mouse button? For sowing however, I prefer having a cloth satchel in my toolbelt. Selecting the toolbelt slot containing the satchel will then activate the first item inside the satchel.
  9. Thanks, I've added a link to the examples section of the Key Bindings page to make it easier to find.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys... Regarding your questions Silures, it is currently only possible to bind a key to either a single action or a console command. Actions cannot be started from the console, so you start them using a key binding. I guess it is designed this way to prevent macros. Due to this, it is not possible to have a primary action key like you describe - you need to use the correct key for each tool, or use the "modes" approach I described above to assign different actions to the same key depending on the active mode. It is possible however to adjust all the settings that are changeable at runtime via the console, and thus via binds. You can use the command dump settings to see the name of all settings and the present value. You might have to do a bit of guesswork to find out which name corresponds to which setting in the options dialog. Please post if you find some settings that are good for tuning your FPS - I'd like more control over performance too :-)
  11. That's a good question. I was planning on using the dirt on the other end of the deed. If you are interested in keeping the dirt yourself, I can offer you a rate of 2s per 1k dirt instead of 2.5s. That way you will still be able to sell the dirt for a nice profit. PS.: I have no idea how this usually works. I don't mind paying people more than the "going prices", as I feel that the prices on the Freedom Isles have been driven painfully low. On the other hand, please tell me if the rates are too much higher than normal. If that is so, people will just think "whoa he's dumb", instead of getting inspired to raise their rates too
  12. Thanks for pointing that out, Elen; I didn't know that the rates for dredging and digging were different. I won't underpay people of course, so I'll update the rate to 2.5s per 1k dirt...