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  1. Well I've got over 20s into the set so I think I'm just going to hold onto it and hope the value goes up eventually until then I'll just continue to use it
  2. this is very depressing, the economy was great when i started my break, it was just a little bit unsteady and unclear of what was going to happen with WU coming out.....sad day :/
  3. no problem, typically i get offers slightly below market value so i was just a little shocked by that offer since i think the cheapest part in this set i paid 3.5s for if i can remember correctly XD
  4. Sorry but there's no way the market has fallen that much in a few months, last time I checked the set was worth around 50-70 depending on enchants
  5. Not shown are 83 aura and 63 aura on vambraces and 99 aura on pants. The gloves and boots are blank
  6. Been gone a few months, not sure whats happened to the markets so just taking offers at the moment.
  7. Full set of rare steel plate, no enchants and around 90 ql, not looking to sell at the moment just checking value. thanks!
  8. ive got roughly 40 for 1s each, located on southeast coast of deli, PM me if interested as i receive PMs via cell phone