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  1. Xyp. Why act like this? Why the kicking and screaming? Why the outright lying? Why the whole "I'm not the one responsible" act? You're not fooling anyone with this. If anything the only reputation you're harming right now is your own. You're not acting like a server owner. You're acting like a little kid. If people on Mythmoor see this, will they really want to stay on your server?
  2. Then try other methods. forums, etc. Seriously, what's complaining going to do?
  3. [old thread]

    Bumpidy bump bump! Great server to join. Staff is fair and doesn't interfere with actual gameplay. Events are fun. Just an overall great community.
  4. Why complain about it. Why not try and recruit people? Complaining gets us nowhere.
  5. Congrats guys on killing a naked man repeatedly. You've certainly learned how to pvp tonight. I'm proud of you!
  6. I think the new territory granted to Greymead should actually be Summerholt. The lake to me is a stronger border than the mountain range.
  7. Please Close.

    Why did this get closed? What I saw in that picture looked great!
  8. This is in your opinion you mean. All I'm saying is if priests could do the stuff normal people could do there would be no point in priests period. Everyone would be a priest as there would be no reason not to be one.
  9. The way I see it, you don't need to play this game as a priest; therefore, it's a choice. You don't need to be able to cast to play the game. It's meant as a different aspect of the game. If you want a supreme pickaxe as opposed to a regular pickaxe, you need to fork over more money (or get lucky). If you want the bonuses that come with the priest you have to be willing to give up part of the game. If this wasn't the case, most people would likely become priests in the end and there would be no money to be made from enchants or courier casts or anything priest-wise. Simply put, if you remove these "challenges" simply because people are lazy, then there's no reason for there to be priests at all.
  10. There are a LOT of holes in your theory.... 1. Keep in mind the possibility of the dragons not giving as many drake sets per dragon. 2. Xanadu may attract more players (as stated earlier); therefore supply AND demand may go up at the same time. 3. The current prices in auctions that are not moving are at DOUBLE what you're offering. There is even currently an auction where the price is well above your offering. 4. People are likely holding onto their money for the Xanadu release. Once the dust from Xanadu has settled, drakes sets will likely be on the move again. The reality is we don't know what's going to happen. You can pretend like you do all you want, but the truth of the matter is, you don't. I don't. No one does.
  11. As already stated above, as much as I like the look of the map with all of the mountains, I don't see this map being that practical. The first Xanadu map we tested on was great. TONS of coastline, had everything. This map I saw areas entirely covered with just rock for no reason whatsoever. The coast on that map WILL get dried up fast given the number of mountains along the coast. I was in a rowboat along the coast most of the time as well and there was not a lot of land to settle where I was rowing. I did however find a large lake near the coast that did have a lot of land to settle.
  12. PvP easy fruits

    It's funny how it's probably the single thing that'll affect popularity the most in this game, at least in my opinion.
  13. PvP easy fruits

    Change the combat system. Less combat ticks, more actually doing something. Instead of automatically attacking, make it so you press buttons on a numpad or something. Each button provides a different swing and who your attacking has a small time to react to where you're attacking.