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  1. Hi juggis- There is no easy way to do this, you need to get used to using the tools you have at your disposal. Compass, map, terrain. Traveling to a coast may help if possible. Also find the community maps, they show deeds and more detail than the in-game map. If you see someone in local, try asking for coords. Good luck
  2. Oh ok hm, both rebooting and relogging correct it for me. Possible fix here:
  3. This started happening to me sometimes after the windows 10 creators update. I don't know the trigger or the fix yet, but if you log out of windows and back in then you should be able to play again. Someone had mentioned a correlation with rdp, so it may happen after we connect remotely.
  4. This is a good point umbra, but for the sake of realism we should also consider the flip side of changing to no nearby window = no grass instead, and something more realistic for caves. Assuming that wurm grass requires sunlight to grow of course, which at this time it apparently does not - to your point
  5. I thought of all of Niki's points before she posted except for the terraforming one - that combined with the others makes a tent a structure beyond a shadow of a doubt. I was up on a hill at the time so not only could I not drop the tent, my horses also got stuck on a hill resulting in death. After the time I spent getting back I felt like discussing the structure and perimeter definitions a bit in terms of tents. It's all good though, I'm fine with all mechanics that work as intended
  6. I tried to drop my tent today prior to death for an easy recovery, and wasn't permitted due to deed rules. I was a little confused since there were no structures in sight, double clicked the tile and it was in a perimeter. The wiki defines perimeter as "The perimeter around a deed disallows non-citizens building structures, and the founding of other deeds. " Is it intended to not be allowed to drop a tent in a perimeter when we can mine, chop, and drop other items? Or is this a bug? Thanks
  7. +1 save the marsh lands
  8. I was thinking before, I would love to have some wurm swag like a poster or hell hound, troll etc. figurine for my desk. I would love a wurm online web store for non-virtual swag like these, t-shirts, etc. This could also be an avenue for advertising.
  9. Or both. Enchanted cave tile: mossy with (shiny?) shrooms
  10. This could be another use for bless - Have a batch of arrows blessed by a priest then they glow on the ground. Or attach light tokens like runes.
  11. This screenshot was sent to me by my card manufacturer as acceptable overclocking settings for the rx470 after I inquired about the power limit setting once I isolated the issue to that. It's the yellow slider at the bottom. To get here run the radeon settings app, click Gaming at the top, then Global Settings, then Global WattMan. The 'acceptable' setting of +15% improved things for me like I said but the issue still persisted, I'm good at 20% and haven't had any adverse side effects. You can keep an eye on your temperature and fan speed while wattman is open as well:
  12. Jake did you try upping the power limit slider in radeon wattmon? It probably does not apply to the lag issue, but I used to experience the same exact crashes running multiple clients on my rx470. It actually wasn't the multiple clients that caused it - I believe it was increased power draw at the higher clock states because it is much more likely to happen while traveling on one of the accounts/during times of high demand, and it is not wurm-specific (same thing happened while running other games alongside wurm). After my post above i had a couple more crashes at +15 power limit, but they were much rarer. +20 has been 100% stable for me no crashes since setting it there.
  13. The only other fur uses besides armor/clothing/sleeping bags that I could come up with are upholstery and tarps/blankets/tent lining to lower the cold bar if hypothermia were introduced to the game
  14. +1 we need more uses for furs. At least they should not stack generically when bulk stored so we can grind rugs.
  15. Check out