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  1. i think sindusks ARMOR rework works pretty good, with one exception....salves however, ofc i wouldnt be opposed to all the above
  2. well ofc the followup has to be that in a year from now or so we get some pvp updates, thought thats obvious by now... but yeah either way, i think if nothing happens NOW then there wont be any playerbase in a year
  3. and yet he isnt wrong >: before retro answered a few days ago in a different thread, everything related to epic was straight out ignored for months
  4. https://discord.gg/2dFBpp already underway however, with this being an official server it would be a really good marketing campaign + all the above, hate to repeat myself
  5. wouldnt you like to know
  6. so, what you are saying is, your opinion matters more just cause you keep to pay money for nothing in return? who are you anyway, hard to believe you are active 90% of those below would come back btw, and thats just my friendslist on steam
  7. cant add anything give us some fun at least while assuring your income for 1-2 years
  8. and yet we sit here....waiting clocks been ticking 3 years now on a decision and it doesnt stop mclovins idea gives room to breath while maintaining income for codeclub
  9. dude, this is the best, most simple easily achieved idea yet... make a new map on a new server, not connected to ANYTHING just like mclovin said you cant possibly come around the corner and tell us thats too much work H Y P E
  10. that by far is one of the busiest updates i have seen yet no wonder you couldnt work on epic, now i understand it jeez
  11. man just makes me sad to see all the videos on epic, things had a meaning R.I.P.
  12. it leaves the fact that just like in WoW, and before OSRS became a thing, community projects of earlier content states in both games gathered more players than their current counterpart which is the same in wurm pvp currently there is a project underway in WU which its only bottleneck is the anti cheat system, to lay that off to more income or staff of both blizzard and jagex is not realistic either though if a community server with volunteer modders and GM's can do it, which was also the case for desolation 3 (the most popular WU pvp server to date), then i would expect a 10 year old company to do it in a heart beat, who was responsible for the port to steam and a standalone version for private servers, dont be silly
  13. oh dont get me wrong, if this anti-cheat works out pvp is done in retail, there is no doubt about that the problem is that it will never work out 100% right after all, whats the big deal with us presenting obvious solutions to a problem thats been creeping up for years? sad part is that there are still people in denial
  14. since thats all i am doing according to you, how come so many people agree with my posts?
  15. obiovusly there is always gonna be the 10 people that are against it, and thats what hold back the staff from committing to a full reset in the past, and they will still not do it but to drop those kind of statements is just bad in my book the ones that are making the most noise, especially in a game like this where you sacrifice years of time, ARE the best customers since they care about its well-being and yeah, most of us have nothing to lose anymore, since we lost it with the past decisions already to put it in your words "Play on freedom if that's what you want" as i said though, dont worry, no one will take away your sandcastle
  16. this poll wont reflect any real number, since already a guy voted no that doesnt even play on epic anyway, this is a no brainer to me ofc yes
  17. i think i would speak for most people interested in a new elevation map, that IF it happens now and later down the road there has to be another new map due to mechanic changes and its reasonable, then no one would be against it the posts in here are mere proposals, and hell we are trying to take it small here since according to retro they cant spend any time on epic for now (which is unfortunate, but so be it) but if the staff team thinks there would be the possibility of a new map, even if it would mean that there may be another in 1-2 years, then present it to us and dont jsut say "wait it out for 1-2 more years guys" the publicity, the returning of old players, the amount of players wanting to try out the new map, hell landrush is a real thing, this could actually be something, please dont hesitate
  18. if we would talk about a skill AND map reset, i personally would be all for it and continue to reset it every 2 years or so but i dont think thats what retro is able to give us you know retro, give us a new map, please we are basically asking you to give us a reason to keep dumping money into the game take that chance jesus...
  19. to refuse doing something because of "no concrete ideas" i guess its done thanks for answering i give up
  20. well, if you cant even do that simple of a thing by just thinking ahead, cause all you give us is a "maybe a reset is required", i think this is doomed anyway we arent trying to denounce you or anything, we are here cause we care, just so thats clear if however all you can do is say "we dont have any plans towards pvp at all, but if we do, we might need a reset like 1-2 years down the road" yeah, good luck i guess i would be a little careful, after all you guys probably have some more insight on where and how the money goes and even from the outside its looking bad.... you cant possibly takes us worrying for the game and its well being for granted, once that is over, are you even going to care anymore?
  21. short term solution, new elevation map, and obviously dont reset it AGAIN once you work on something on epic the point is for us to "... concentrate on building an infrastructure and getting kingdoms up and running, getting excited people to come back for the new map and receiving a huge assur´╗┐ance pvp has not been forgotten" just like angel said some posts ago... now if you find the time to also deactivate playergods, perfect
  22. yeah sure, see you in winter then we can talk i guess... its because its summer right? MEANWHILE - todays graph you can still access the MRTG logfiles which go a few years back, in this following links case its 2017 at the end as you can see, we lost nearly 1k players in the last 2 years and had almost triple the amount in 2013 Click
  23. while that would be the wet dream for most, do you really believe that is EVER going to be a possibility when the current staff doesnt even consider a map reset? dont get me wrong, many people would go for that, since has been suggested numerous times aswell, but with the focus on freedom and retro being scared of making decision X because of Y although the remaining community wants it, i dont think thats a realistic thing unfortunately... after all, dont forget, the staff team knows what we want....along the famous lines of "You think you do know what you want, but you don't!"