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  1. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    @Darklordsand @ausimus
  2. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    or maybe, you know, its the sheer fact that 2 of the current devs are playing in TC, actively its that this will create disputes of interest, since those devs can obviously choose what to work on and what not the stamina thing was just the most recent one, pretty much any update catered to TC apart from the priest one which they just recently got changed aswell, what a surprise, cause they didnt know how to play in that meta
  3. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    TC catered updates whats new?
  4. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    cause its not against the rules..... either way, hate to say it but this suggestion is one of the dumbest ones i have ever seen just make it to where people below 20fs cant join a kingdom or whatever, but even then we all know that no matter what is being done against the "alt problem", people will find ways around it, just like your nachocheese friend or whatever his name is to make people permadeath in a subscription based game is just so stupid on many levels
  5. Archery Combat Window

    +1 please fix current issues first tho, but all in all archery obviously needs a little update, and this seems like a good idea
  6. revert headbob broken game

    please revert it, its obvious that there were more problems introduced with this patch than actual "features"
  7. niki, while i agree with your core idea, removing twitter wont do ###### you would have people having alts in every deed reading out local, how is that any better? for a fact, its even worse... people who dont know how to use that to their advantage, wouldnt be able to do it obviously so yeah -1
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    at the end of the day we all know who will get their way, but its blatantly obvious that this is a change being tried to brought in so a certain group doesnt have the "re-learn" the game. hell, they even tangleweave you if you just dispel the ground, its easy to get the cooldown off of them, they havent bothered one bit to try out the new system even, this is just pathetic.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    you can already kill people with archery farely easily if you coordinate it, we have that on several videos too btw... as for the elemental immunity not only being 30min but perma, yeah idc, go for it, sotg will still be top of the line. @Budda but making shields being able to block spells? really? you are realizing this is a KvK thing from their side right...? anyway, if this makes it into the game it will show you dont think things through at all, we have offered to give you our point of view numerous times, uncut. take it or not, your call.
  10. Priest overhaul testing

    its called having different or conflicting opinions, if you read the posts i answered with in your "kingdom spammed" thread, you would realize... dont try to force other people to think your way, all i am asking
  11. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    the core of pvp just got a whole lot of new options to explore. go and explore niki, do it, you wont regret it... cause its M A G I C uhm, ofc the priests are gonna win if there is no difference in skill or situational superiority, like deed hops or whatever... but guess what, that was ALWAYS the case who had the most LoF / damage bonus priests won, happy to clarify that
  12. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    there already is something to react to you can see it in your combat tab, if a lot of people start targeting you, backoff and pop defensive with your shield on works like a charm unless the other group is more coordinated and puts that target in hurting status with a spell / arrow / single hit first it worked before the priest rework too btw, cause believe it or not, but the spell damage doesnt matter on hurting status now with spells doing more damage there is also a different way of using them, you arent just needed for LoF / pillars or hurting status, it makes the game more interesting people always hate change, but how about trying to understand it first and then re-evaluating, cause as far as i know most of your group didnt even know what tangleweave now does
  13. tbh something changed, and thats the resistances to certain damage types however, i dont think we should get a free transfer, rework meditation, you know that project that got announced almost a year back yeah....
  14. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    hello niki how are you this game wasnt really fun the last months until a certain someone started to bring in changes that were long needed that certain someone then left the team now people want to destroy what he built up i am sad niki thanks for reading
  15. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    kinda sad to think about it and realize that people who cry loud enough will get their nerf or whatever they are after priests were a huge plus in pvp for YEARS, dont act like they werent nerf this and make it boring again, who cares at this point lol
  16. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    LOL ask mclovin he had like 100hours on the testserver
  17. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    i am pretty sure the "spellspam" niki is talking about here is in fact just the spell that initially goes off on a called target, which will follow up on the group pushing this called target cause he is in hurt status, pretty simple really... but hey, test it yourself, cast 2 infernos on 1 target, the second inferno wont do ######.
  18. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    i think most people are overlooking something here.... there are 2 groups actively pvp'ing on chaos atm, one of these groups is against the spell rework the other one knows how to adapt to a different meta, are we done?
  19. Patch Notes 31/JAN/19

  20. sold

  21. sold

    mailing it, kind of forgot about this since there wasnt any interest... should be in the mail soon
  22. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    @Sindusk I can't thank you enough for the things you have done and the change you have brought to this game. While I probably was one of the people who was one of the more annoying ones, I was even more amazed by what you put out and at what speed. May your work find roots somewhere else
  23. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    thats not even the biggest problem with the handling of recent events, there were other groups exploiting their way out of mines and such a few weeks prior, and it unfortunately seems like just because they wore a different tabard they got away with it... now people like egard are pressing for even more severe punishments cause guess what, he wears the same tabard as those guys i still think that this thread shouldnt be used for such topics though, hopefully the ongoing looking into ban appeals will change how the situation was handled, other than that we can just say we lost a really good developer over stupid decisions
  24. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    hey listen, either post your proof here about your claims or just stop posting, would like to see these PM's you know also, nothing i said is wrong, he never joined any kingdom on chaos in order to remain neutral, thats a fact this whole page wont matter soon since its gonna be removed, but yeah