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  1. hey, so i have realized that a 1 hour shift from camps spawning every 25 hours doesnt seem drastic enough how about letting them spawn either 18 hours apart or 30 hours, so more timezones are covered and its not stuck in one timezone for more than a week.... yes no?
  2. So, currently horses or hellhorses aren't affected to the speed penalty that a barding brings when they are hitched to a cart / wagon. Since hellhorse carts with good gear go ~30 km/h they have been used time and time again in pvp, but the last few months it's basically a must have, which kinda sucks in my opinion. This is a simple suggestion to at least make them being affected by the speed penalty a barding would bring anyway. Thanks
  3. Valrei International. 087

    epic players are second class players, jeez dont you know already
  4. Valrei International. 087

    what do you expect, this is wurm ofc they are in the case of him who shall not be named its 2-4 years prior to his punishment of "violation of the games rules" whats new really, i am surprised people arent getting perma banned for champing up now
  5. A New Elevation

    i think its clear that there are two fronts on the faith reset topic, no need to argue what is also clear though is that a large majority wants to have kings reset
  6. A New Elevation

    at just a bit more than a week until launch, where is the final draft of things? please dont rush anything just cause 2 people cried for it, cause thats what it seems like... i think i can speak for most of us if i say give us a final draft on whats coming BEFORE its coming dont turn this into a shitfest, thanks @Darklords
  7. A New Elevation

    they said in the stream faith isnt gonna be reset, should have paid attention just join MR with us like you mentioned, as if people give a ######
  8. How to kill your own game tutorial

    it wouldnt be as hard if you mordraug or madnezz would just outright stop spreading half truths or demand features for pvp that make no sense whatsoever even though you dont play it.
  9. WTS some stuff

  10. Valrei Invasions

    thats him!!! destroyer of roads, killer of the horde, master miner
  11. A New Elevation

    its just that i somehow doubt it wont be any different with the deed spamming on elevation, i guess we'll see tho
  12. A New Elevation

    i just remembered something.... why not bring back old minedoors to counteract the founding of deeds every 200 tiles? it brings you relative safety but still isnt as cancerous as deeds everywhere what i am talking about ofc is that minedoors just dont open when you go threw with enemies in local hell, could even make it that they take 3 times as much damage offdeed
  13. WTS some stuff

  14. is that intended? sry didnt see that there is a thread already....
  15. its not only when the opponent is slain, but also when choosing "No Target"
  16. WTS some stuff

  17. WTS some stuff

    updated some of the items with prices
  18. WTS some stuff

  19. WTS some stuff

    yes yes
  20. A New Elevation

    ey i am fine with all of it live tomorrow baby, gogo also sindusk made it work in a mod, maybe take inspiration from him actually one more thing, will we see the map before it goes live?
  21. WTS some stuff

  22. A New Elevation

    you did something wrong then, and thats a fact, sorry anyway, lets get back on topic here cause all this stuff is just crazy to even think about you obviously have enough advantages on your own homeserver against enemies already, thats it
  23. A New Elevation

    ehhhhhh i dont think you actually want that lol