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  1. Saphira ~ 1x / 1x Modded PVE ~ Brand New

    if you want a challenging start, def the server you should choose
  2. PvP Challenge [Re-opened]

  3. Two Birds, One Stone

    i would have +1'd this idea like 2 years ago, but since we havent seen any intention to change anything on epic for more than a year, and since we havent seen the staff admitting that epic needs to be shut down otherwise, i think we can safely assume that the epic servers are just rotting in a backroom somewhere cause someone lost the key and they couldnt unplug it even if they wanted to... seriously, do you need more proof of neglection here? the epic servers are just running cause they are appearently low maintenance, since NOTHING has happened to better their situation for eons now. sure, maybe staff will pick up on the idea of it being f2p, but honestly, if they need us to tell them what to do, then why are we playing still.
  4. Epic, Complete 180°

    bump W H E N
  5. yeah i think its new to him that you can hit 70 in pretty much any crafting skill in about 6hrs on freedom, but eh, thats failinas for you
  6. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    @Darklordsand @ausimus
  7. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    or maybe, you know, its the sheer fact that 2 of the current devs are playing in TC, actively its that this will create disputes of interest, since those devs can obviously choose what to work on and what not the stamina thing was just the most recent one, pretty much any update catered to TC apart from the priest one which they just recently got changed aswell, what a surprise, cause they didnt know how to play in that meta
  8. Patch Notes: 21/MAR/19 New HotA and tweaks

    TC catered updates whats new?
  9. Permadeath on PvP servers.

    cause its not against the rules..... either way, hate to say it but this suggestion is one of the dumbest ones i have ever seen just make it to where people below 20fs cant join a kingdom or whatever, but even then we all know that no matter what is being done against the "alt problem", people will find ways around it, just like your nachocheese friend or whatever his name is to make people permadeath in a subscription based game is just so stupid on many levels
  10. Archery Combat Window

    +1 please fix current issues first tho, but all in all archery obviously needs a little update, and this seems like a good idea
  11. revert headbob broken game

    please revert it, its obvious that there were more problems introduced with this patch than actual "features"
  12. niki, while i agree with your core idea, removing twitter wont do ###### you would have people having alts in every deed reading out local, how is that any better? for a fact, its even worse... people who dont know how to use that to their advantage, wouldnt be able to do it obviously so yeah -1
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    at the end of the day we all know who will get their way, but its blatantly obvious that this is a change being tried to brought in so a certain group doesnt have the "re-learn" the game. hell, they even tangleweave you if you just dispel the ground, its easy to get the cooldown off of them, they havent bothered one bit to try out the new system even, this is just pathetic.