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  1. Been getting quite a few issues lately, not sure if it's something I did or what but here's a few of the errors when trying to update horses for example (only edited character name to "Charname") edit: May have been a rogue wurm assistant process running in the background that may have caused the issues.. Seems ok again for now.
  2. I thought alcohol made you feel warmer but in reality it would make you lose your body heat even faster? edit: nvm reading is hard
  3. I know we ran into a similar issue on a server before (holes in the ground where there used to be minedoors that kill people) but this was caused by putting in a new rock layer file on an existing map. It happened on any tile that had a mine door on it and we had to fix each case manually by going there and painting the tile back into rock. I can't remember the exact process we used to do it as it was a while ago now but I know it was possible. Make sure something isn't messed up with your map files..
  4. He was probably talking about the stand-alone server software which most probably get with steamcmd, at least that's my guess since he already said he got the beta client to work. First we have to check if there is indeed a beta branch for it which you can find here: Now that we know that, you can modify your steamcmd command line and add the line "-beta beta" as documented here and then it should grab that beta branch when you run it.
  5. Oh I mean, have you made it be additive to the chance or does the enchant overwrite it?
  6. So now that 1.3 has mining skill interacting with the chance of lowering rock, how will this mod interact with that?
  7. Githora and Toradia

    Probably wanna point people to that instead of using the old crude method of killing steam.
  8. Quite a few; Ashproduce, betterdig, bountymod, creatureagemod, cropmod, harvesthelper, inbreedwarning, meditatemod, movetocenter, pickmoresprouts, sacrificemod, salvemod, serverpacks, spellmod, surfaceminingfix, timerfix, upkeepcosts and a custom one we've done internally for our own specific fixes. Obviously we're going to be reviewing these as well.
  9. That's the thing, it's not just one account, the same IP logged in to at least 5 different wurm accounts on the server. Two of which were related to the server hosts and the others were unrelated. All the mayhem was from the one account that had GM powers. For example my character was logged into and I have two-factor authentication enabled on my steam account thus it could not even been attempted to be logged into without a notice going out regarding it. He did not even access my GM character but rather went for the one that had matching steam and ingame names. But I am not a coder so I can't say anything for sure just that for this attack to have happened it would have required multiple different unrelated steam accounts be breached within a very short timeframe or the server (which is still being investigated though seems unlikely) Still looking into this though.
  10. Yes that is true but it does not solve the issue that any player on the server could be a target instead then. Only limiting the possible damage done to a more individual basis rather than server wide.
  11. Option 1 isn't likely to happen anytime soon, though we are also looking into third party fixes which seem more likely to happen within a reasonable timeframe. Hard to know for sure so far but as soon as we have any kind of conclusive info we're going to share it (fastest way to get this is on our discord, that's where everything goes first)
  12. Official statement regarding the security breach on Zenath. This is the full story as we know it, there is an exploit in WU that allows someone to log into any character if they can get the Steam ID of that character. This exploit allowed someone with the IP access to the character Jaygriff which had admin powers on Zenath. This is not the only character that was accessed however but it's the character that was used to cause mayhem on the server before we took it down. We can prevent people from getting access to admin powers but what we can't do is prevent the exploit from being used on regular players. We have restored a backup that is unfortunately roughly 2 days old right now (in the future we're going to make sure full backups are done more often then that) but the result of this exploit is that if we bring the server up now then we can't guarantee the safety of any characters if they can figure out what steam account is using it. So what are the options here? Well there are honestly only bad options in one way or another. 1. Leave the server down until CodeClub provides a fix for the exploit. 2. Bring the server up with the backup anyway, ban the IP of the exploiter but an IP ban is not any kind of final solution. Second option allows people to play but they can't be sure their stuff is safe and obviously this is a nightmare for us to try and admin. Right now we have not brought the server back up pending a final decision.
  13. We just launched PvP today. There are a few threads with information regarding this update on our forum, I will link them below. Launch Information An update regarding PvP with some PvE information too. Changelog for PvP launch update. And last but not least here is the final PvP map dump.
  14. Yes we have the mod that removes priest restrictions active on the server.
  15. Posting the reply I made here too (as he posted in our advertisement thread) We are indeed showing amount of players logged into the server rather than unique steam accounts, this is exactly what Wyvern has been doing since 2015/12/19 and since nothing has been done since then (and no official word has been put out regarding it) then we figured that to be on an even field with them we would apply our own patch but as you see we left it so a direct query shows the steam accounts and not the real amount logged in. It would of course be best if codeclub made this the default as well as combining all clustered servers into one number for the login server.
  16. It will be connected to the east but the wurm plotting system should work which means you can leave at any side. PvP Kingdom placement will be as follows: JK in the NW, MR in the NE, BL in the SE and Freedom in the SW.
  17. The Beginning Mission Our mission is to create a fast, reliable, and stable wurm unlimited server that all players can enjoy. We pride ourselves in finding solutions to problems quickly and utilizing a 'hands-on' approach to server management, PVP situations are not included, of course. Our primary goal is fast response, whether it be for crashes, in game tickets, bugs or toxic players, response will be prompt. No more absent administration. Our secondary intention is to create a enjoyable server for players of most play types. Utilizing mods, we are able to reduce the mundane tasks usually associated with wurm. And our final goal is to make something unique. What we have to offer Currently we have one PVE server well as a linked PVP server. The PVE server launched September 7, 2016. Read on the server configuration Here or check out the quick look below. The PVP server launched September 29, 2016 and you can read on the server configuration Here. The server is hosted on a dedicated box in Montreal, Canada, providing ample uplink to both Europe and USA which gives the most even playing field between the US and EU in terms of ping. Quick look for the Reign of Man PVE server: Quick look At the PVP server: Zenath’s PvP Kingdom System So... Are you in? Join the official Discord Check out our website Take a peek at the PVE map
  18. Close

    More or less anything can be changed, it's just a matter of time and skill honestly, it's surprising how much can be changed without ever needing to touch the client at all in fact! But even with that you can always supply people with the files needed to play on your server anyway though there may be issues with steam and changing things like the .exe (though almost nothing seem to require that to actually be changed) Oh and there are definitely servers trying to bring the game beyond what Wurm is, the Dark Winter server has probably taken that the furthest, Conquest is doing that a good amount too where none of the WO/WU default kingdoms exist and it's all custom kingdoms/religions. Ages of Uthgard has a lot of neat things planned and a decent amount of new stuff implemented already.
  19. But that sounds like soo much effort! It might even include having to go OUTSIDE! *shudder* Help I can't stop playing wurm and don't know what to do!
  20. Delete Please

    Ah that explains why it just vanished, unfortunate for everyone involved
  21. I checked this server out a little bit, it had some horrible lag spikes going on, what's up with that?
  22. Delete Please

    RIP server I guess.
  23. *eats popcorn* Always some good drama going on in the Wurm community without fail.
  24. Something that would be good to consider would be boat speed increases, I think I saw somewhere that someone added a speed boost to boats based on their QL. With a map as gigantic as this one, traveling times is just a real hassle and improving that would be a good idea. I really do like the concept but man It's going to be rough getting a consistent playerbase I think which is unfortunate. I did look around a bit but man it's demoralizing being the only person on a server, but it's a catch 22, nobody starts playing because nobody is playing..
  25. I'd like to know what the server rules are, in particular regarding the use of alts and things like attended macros etc.