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  1. I found the concept of the priest great but wow not with this restrictions, its realy not playable. Priests typically cannot do any of the following actions, with some exceptions. See the table below for details. Improve, continue or destroy/bash items, walls or structures, or repair structures. However they are permitted to create and plan items and structures. WTF it forces the players to make an alternative character if the trying being a priest, this is a total misconception on the freedom servers in my mind.
  2. now its good Chikiza go and talk somewere else if you not willing to buy something
  3. well i dont realy get it want someone to buy some or just spam here ?
  4. WTS 8 x Sleep Powder 1 S each on Xanadu F14 Xanadu pickup delivery possible for a extra fee pm on forum or ingame (by the same name) if interested best greatings Darkbringer
  5. Wild Cat, QL Enchants Price 100 - 20c one please mail to darkbringer thx
  6. want to buy 1 large axt iron with coc and 1 axe iron with coc coc should be 70-80 will pay 1c per power