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  1. Wurm Online need this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6lTl9JIW5Y Because grass in Wurm in the temperate zone looks like losing life. It is pale. It needs little to revive to become juicy. Fresh greenish grass is a feast for the eyes. Unfortunately common grass in Wurm has a negative impact on my feelings =(
  2. Dear Clatius. I not say anything about tree... I just have farm and animal pen under bridge and i cant plant grass or anything to restore food for animals or for us. "When Wurm online team do not want, by somebody planting something under bridge, because for example. bridge looks horrible when is touched by tree, then you must disable next 2-3 tiles around bridges, because trees here touching a bridge too. Lol" Please, do not answer similiar stupid answer with question everytime, when you have not nothing to say. regards
  3. allow to plant sprouts etc. under bridges.