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  1. Hello Everyone, I first want to thank Aeris for posting this here. I also want to personally ask all of you to look this up and share it for me on social media (facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.) I was always too busy caring for mother to get into using social media, and never felt comfortable with the tries I made. This makes it impossible for me to get notice of this out myself, I have to ask everyone I know to do it for me. Even if you cannot contribute, please help a guy out and get it on social media everywhere. All I need are enough $1 contributions to get there. Seven billion people on the planet, it has to be possible to reach out to 30,000 with a dollar to spare. I thank you all. Sincerely, Vroomfondel aka Handsomestranger aka James Paris
  2. +1 But I can see a lag trap by making a hall with mirrors on both sides reflecting each other.
  3. Same error here. Also, flowers in flowerpots look like bookmarks, a flat rectangle, black background, and the flower on it. The pot looks fine, it is the individual flowers that look like bookmarks stuck in the pot. Looks to me like you've messed up your masking.
  4. Uh, I hate to tell you, but desync still happens. i was out yesterday collecting fragments and when I got back to my village my alt and I were desynced. I saw him standing at the Fo altar, when he was standing at the Vynora altar, 1 tile west. I guess you still have some work to do on that code.
  5. Here we go again with head bobbing, and here we go again, turning it off.
  6. Well, killed the server until further notice. That's one way to kill the lag. Hope this gets fixed soon. No hurries, as long as it really gets fixed.
  7. I am coming and will bring Handsomestranger to do the fighting. Since you are in my neighborhood (A Strange Place is my place) this will be a short trip. Should be lots of fun!
  8. Roccandi, you have just pointed out why I never bother with the "missions". Why on earth should I do thousands of repeat actions to win a mission? Because the game told me to do them? They make no sense and accomplish nothing, except you get to call yourself "winner". What do you win? Does that make any real difference to you or your gameplay? If not, why bother?
  9. I went to make a stack of fishing lines. Decided that it would be faster to use the crafting window. When I added my hand to the window and 64 strings of cloth, I was able to max the stacked actions (7 in my case) and had no problem hitting the create button and making 7 basic fishing lines at a time. Then I went to make light fishing lines. I added the spinning wheel to the crafting window, and the 64 basic fishing lines. But when I hit the create button, it will only make 1 light fishing line, it will not stack actions to make 7. It is still set for 7 actions, and the 7 dots all light up when I hit create, but only 1 line gets made. Event window shows the actions all stacking, but only the first completes. I moved on to the rope tool to make medium fishing lines, put the ropetool in the crafting window and the 64 light fishing lines. I was able to hit create and it made 7 lines at a time, as it should do. Once again I went to the spinning wheel, this time to make heavy fishing lines from the mediums. Once again the actions in the crafting window show, the event window shows 7 actions stacked, but only the first action completes. Finally, I went back to the ropetool with the heavy fishing lines to make braided fishing lines. And once again, it worked just fine in the crafting window, actions stacking and completing properly. So in closing, the problem is with stacking actions on the spinning wheel to make fishing lines. Since we are going to need new lines when the old ones snap, please make sure we can use our crafting window properly to mass produce these lines. Thanks.
  10. Just had one of the new professional fishing reels go rare, it is listed in blue and does have the glow. But when you examine it there is no rare description.
  11. I apologize, didn't see your post. Could a dev please combine this into that post?
  12. Ok, just had a test of tackleboxes for another issue, when we found that the mail system is charging 17c to mail a tacklebox. Seems it is counting the trays inside as separate items.
  13. I'm finally finding tiles where I get the menu option Nature - Search for wurms. When I do it I get this message: [09:45:27] You do a rain danec on the dirt tile and a wurm pops to the surface, which you grab. That's cute, but incredibly stupid. Like I said, all I should need to do is dig up a dirt and search it for wurms. RL worms are everywhere, especially in cultivated soil like a garden or farm. Worms are the true rulers of the earth, they make the soil arable so you can grow crops and live. They turn over the entire surface of the earth to 6 inches deep every year, very slowly. They are as common as dirt and should be just as easy to find. I should not be waiting for them to "spawn" on tiles.
  14. Go ahead and make your comments, the Devs won't know there is a real problem if only a few of us comment. Get everyone you know to make comments too. Let's get this fixed, it does have potential if they make the proper corrections for the masses.
  15. But I'm not the only customer complaining, am I?
  16. I liked Tich too, but her memory is not a reason to be stubborn. I'm at 99.70 fishing myself, but I do not enjoy the new system as it is. If you do not make some major tweaks, you will find you have wasted your time. Listening to what we tell you is a good thing.
  17. WRONG!! When you decide that the customer isn't right, you lose a customer. I went through this before with Rolf. It got me a 30 day ban from the forums for arguing with him. But you know what? I was right, everyone else was just as upset about that update back then, and it got reversed, like I said needed to be done. I'm not trying to be nasty, I was actually looking forward to this update. But there are issues with it, and if you do not listen to us and fix them, you will lose players. Not all of us want to have something as simple as fishing take so much concentration to do. As to the basic fishing rod, it is more than it used to be, and if they still have to watch and double click at just the right moment, it isn't the same as it used to be either. I have to go along with what others are saying. leave fishing as it was, add in the new skill sport fishing for all this new equipment.
  18. This forum chat is all about the problems with this update, so right now it makes more sense to keep all the problems here. As to the all cap at the end of a sentence, it saves me from having to make a separate post to you (It got your attention, didn't it?) As to having to pay attention, it may not be a bug, but the way it works now is a mistake compared to the other skills. Telling us we have to accept it is forgetting one thing, we are the customer, and we are saying we do not like it. Have you ever heard of the old saying, the customer is always right?
  19. I know, takes some practice to find where it is best to hold your cursor to click and hook the fish. It should not matter, but it does. ANOTHER TWEAK POINT DEVS.
  20. If I had a goblin skull around, I would try it to see if the hook is the issue. Can you mail me a hook to try with the other hooks in my box?
  21. Another error they will need to fix. Again, drag them to the tray when the tray is closed, open causes errors. And if it fails the first time, just try again, it eventually works. BUT DEVS, THIS NEEDS FIXED TOO.
  22. I see what you may be doing wrong. Try dragging the other hooks to the tray, not into the tray as you will always hit a hook, and a hook is a container, which won't fit a hook inside. I did that too, so don't feel silly.
  23. When you see the text message of nibbling, you need to have your cursor out near the line and very quickly double click the mouse (and I mean very quickly). Then you can just sit there and watch the action of you pulling in the fish. So that is the total of the interactive they have added. You have to learn to cast, and you have to learn when to double-click. Forcing you to watch the screen for that 1 action is not really what I would call interactive, but it is a pain.
  24. For the record, I still had the rod in my hand after the break, it was the reel that broke and could not be replaced, as I had not made extra reels. With the time it took to make the first set for testing, I felt it should not break so easily and glad to see you are tweaking that. There is more that you should reconsider. One thing is hooking a fish. You have to watch the text to see something nibble, then quickly double-click. It is a level of interactive we do not have with any other skill. It forces you to play 1 character, or you not only lose the fish, you may lose your equipment. It is a bit too much in my opinion, and way too short a window between the text and missing the fish. Most of us play this game casually, and play multiple chars. This does not allow for either one, and I can tell you now to expect fishing to be left alone by a majority of the players. New players will make a net for small fish so they can survive, and leave the rest. I know Tich and the crew put a lot of effort into this, but that does not mean it was all a good idea. We will adapt, but unless you do a lot more tweaking, we will adapt by leaving the skill alone. Oh, and as to the stuff I could not find you say will generate over time. Why couldn't you have seeded that stuff like you did with artifact fragments? I especially worry about the wurms. I should be able to dig up a dirt and sort through it for wurms, no keeping tiles bare dirt and "waiting" for them to generate. Shriveled trees also do not last long, so why aren't they full of grubs as soon as they become shriveled? All trees have bark, and you don't have to wait for them to be overaged or a particular tree. And twigs, twigs are everywhere. These things were made difficult for no good reason, except to waste my time. These are more examples of how you didn't just make the skill interactive, but unnecessarily difficult. You want to know what needs tweaking, and the only way you are going to know is by our telling you.
  25. Ok, now I have made all the rods and went fishing. Tried all the rods, found most can be used from the shore, except for the professional rod and reel. Took it out to sea, used it 4 times and the reel broke. That reel took too much work to make and imp to 75 to have it break so easily. They should not be so fragile, change it back to just the line breaking. I'm imping everything over 90 now, and if it breaks again I'm out on fishing. Chlodovech is right, you took this from one extreme to the other. What the hell were you thinking? FIX IT!