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  1. So...It's been a month now...This is pretty not-cool for players to be unable to play without downgrading their drivers..
  2. Still seeking deedmates! It's a small war over here fighting Spiders but certainly well worth it.
  3. Greetings! I'm the Mayor of Otaku View and I am in desperate need of help before my deed falls apart. I'm looking for partners, not servants and there are no major restrictions. Just work together and don't be a pain, ya know, decent human being stuff. Hopefully I'll find someone I can pass the deed onto. Deed Photos Deed Location I'll continue to manage the deed costs and help organize and manage things. There IS room on the deed for multiple houses to be built and also there is tons of land further up the mountain already cleared and prepped for use if you wanted to start your own deed in the future. I'm happy to help teach any new players that want to join and I'm not charging or expecting anything besides a hand here and there keeping the deed up. Feel free to post here or PM me with any questions! I'm also in-game as BiosElemental if you want to chat or visit the deed.
  4. You do realize chargebacks screw over the company you were doing business with right? You're not being old-fashioned, you're being outright scummy. You also run a great chance of the bank refusing your chargeback if/when they ever find out you didn't even bother talking with the seller. Banks don't like wasting time any more than you do, but a Steam refund is easy, simple and straightforward.
  5. So this has been mentioned in another thread, but It's a big enough issue to deserve it's own. After several hours (ala overnight) the dedicated server decides to use 30mb/s or more of the disk, probably updating databases in-place. Naturally this is horrible for both anything else on the drive, disk lifetime and probably performance for the game itself. Until this gets fixed, I'm looking into the use of a ramdisk to at least save the drive from having to take such a beating.
  6. Thank you mate, That's important to a lot of us.
  7. I realize this isn't that helpful, but WU actually gives me much better performance than WO, even when on higher serttings.
  8. You picked the second kingdom location? I noticed that too, but the first kingdom didn't have that issue and had no hostile mobs close to town.
  9. Congrats, you found a single case of someone breaking the rules? That hardly disproves the fact that it is indeed largely respected.
  10. Please add Otaku View Thanks for your work on the map, It's a valued resource!