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  1. You can already get this version actually, you right click the game in your steam library, go to properties, then click on the "betas" tab, and choose to opt into the "beta_branch -"
  2. Alright, just figured that since I'd have to just copy the models and animations over anyway, that it seemed like a waste to make an entirely different file for it, but that does bring up a good point
  3. This may seem weird to ask, but aside from making it easier for users to revert back to default game textures... If I plan on replacing all the game textures, is there any benefit of doing the resource pack instead of just simply replacing the graphics.jar?
  4. Alright, thanks will give that a try when I get around to tinkering with it again next time ^^ Course... could be somewhat humorous, if I were to leave it, and figure out textures to go along with that... would really weird people out XD
  5. Alright, so now I'm having an interesting issue... my entire wall is opening as part of the door? Tried to get a screenshot to show it...
  6. Thanks, I'll give that a try, must've overlooked it entirely, course I did do it first thing in the morning before work, so probably half asleep *EDIT* - Yup that was the case, ty ^^
  7. Yup, read that, and as I showed with my screenshot, I have nowhere to choose the client from =/
  8. I must be completely stupid or something, because I'm not seeing any option at all to change which client I'm using via the launcher =/
  9. Alright, figured it would work like how Minecraft's resource packs do, that the models wouldn't be loaded via pack, unless they were included in the pack itself, but if that's not how it was being done, guess that makes sense, thanks for the help ^^
  10. So even if I'm not replacing the .wom with something new, I still need the original? *Edit* - So I added the .wom's to the pack and so far all the things are working, with the exception of stone walls thus far... wooden walls seem to be working, not sure what I'd be missing for the stone ones though at present...
  11. hmm... having some trouble playing around with this atm, trying to get just the textures changed for forges and other models ingame, yet the lines are too complex for me to understand what I really have to tweak. Figured I wouldn't really have to tweak anything, long as I used the same folder structure as the original graphics.jar, but they aren't showing up ingame (still using the default textures) These are the lines that I'm referring to, just not sure what I have to tweak here, as I'm only replacing textures, not any models.
  12. I'm sure it's been asked, but was curious about how accounts will be working for the Steam release, like I know that existing accounts are planned to eventually be able to travel to the Steam servers, once everything has settled down and has been worked out. What I want to know is, will we be able to use our existing accounts and start at the base levels on the Steam servers, or do we have to create entirely new ones, or will there be some sort of login via our Steam ID instead?
  13. May seem odd, but I actually like this idea myself, cause sometimes I find myself feeling lazy and set keybinds to do stuff, just so I don't have to open the context menus to find an option, so this'd be a welcome option to me, could even make it a toggle-able option that starts disabled, and if people want it, they could enable it.
  14. Hey, sorry, but I'm taking a break from the project, and the game right now, haven't really had any progress in a while on it, and when I do get back to it eventually, I'll be changing the format of it all so that it'll work with the mod loader instead, sorry that I hadn't posted about taking a break, for anyone else that's been curious.
  15. I would like to see this, especially with the third person camera option coming now, could be a nice change to how the game feels imo