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  1. [Bought] WTB - 90+ QL Range Pole

    - Looking to buy a 90+ QL Range Pole -
  2. Brick ovens, forges, and fireplaces

    +1 Came here to say the same about marble, would love to have more things that we make out of stone, be able to be made out of marble ^^
  3. Valrei International. 078

    Loving the graphical improvements being done to the game over the past few months, keep it up guys ^^
  4. +1 Would also be nice to use in mines as well, especially if we could "toss" them to the top or bottom of a drop shaft, be able to work on them, or access normally impractical to reach areas ^^
  5. "Everwinter"

    Thought that it would be interesting if we had a way to do like the enchanted grass tiles, but instead a way to turn a grass/tree/bush tile so that it would stay in winter eternally. I know it doesn't really bring anything to the game, but for aesthetics it could create some interesting areas in the game
  6. +1 I've never sailed myself, but this would definitely be incentive to get around to doing it for me
  7. Tombs and Grave-digging

    Kinda came up with this while chatting in global chat, and figured I'd pitch a suggestion on the matter. Was thinking it'd be neat to be able to activate a player corpse (one that you have rights to accessing), and using it on a coffin to create a coffin for that player, which after the corpse inside would "rot" would be left with a skeleton with the items the corpse had on it inside the coffin. I know it's a bit over the top sort of thing, but would be neat for adding player made tombs to deeds, especially cave deeds, or even secret hidden places. Also while on the subject the idea of "grave-digging" was brought up in the chat, which would be interesting to do as well, or even finding randomly generated tombs while mining that could be looted. As for grave-digging, randomly graves of "lost heroes" (just randomly generated names, or even ones we cant read) could appear out in the wilderness, sort of like the lairs that spawn, and could be dug up to retrieve valuable to semi-valuables from them. Could even result in a loss of karma for doing so, to balance out doing such a bad thing
  8. Valrei International. 071

    Amazing, loving all the graphic rework that's being done for the game, hope it only gets even better
  9. I've been thinking that it'd be really nice if we could use the "Place" function for items, to be able to place them on both building, and cave walls. It would be lovely to display tools, weapons, and shields in such a manner. Not sure if it's possible with the current system since the wall is not a surface, but we could possibly add something to them, such as a nail or something to provide a point to "hang" from. Also having the rotate function spin the object along the wall so we could have stuff at an angled orientation would be great as well
  10. Chicken Coops


  12. Ride bisons

    +1 I've wanted this ever since I first saw that they had bison on Wurm
  13. Sandstone, Marble, Slate equipment

    +1 I've wanted this for quite some time myself, mainly for marble, but, would love to see it for all the masonry materials, one of the main ones i'd love to see is guard towers, but we could even add a wood variant for that imo
  14. Alternative to Dirt "Decaying"

    Would love if instead of the dirt idea, more like actual structure ruins (easy to bash if a player so wished to remove them), just to leave the traces of what once was... ontop of that... paved areas should have decay states for the same reasons imo (if they havent had player traffic in such and such months)