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  1. Let me know how much 2 of each banner will cost 1 x tower and if your doing Wagons, Aiming for a Wagon collection 1 of each type lol
  2. Approximately - 110 / 150 Silver Budget to stock up 5 char's. ** Update: (Spree Ended - spent: 72 silver.)** Thank you all so far. Tonight at 00:00 Midnight gmt - I will be stocking up for me main and alts, and Trusted villagers, If you want to make some money here's the items I will be buying from glasshollow merchants: approx. 10 to 20 x 70+ ql street lamps. Kingdom banner's for deco, 1 x 70+ pelt<Brought possibly more Kingdom guard towers, (not Freedom basic)< None was available/on sale, 2 banner/flags with serious level of damage on Trader.. And this list of tools at 70ql+ possibly with enchantments Small anvil<Brought. Large Anvil< None was available. 1 CoD'ed File < brought Fishing Rod<Brought Scissors< Brought Trowel< Brought spindle<Brought needle<Brought leather knife< only low ql crap available awl<Brought Barding<Brought Armour - leather/chain <Brought - Leather Studded. 2 x Meditation rug (only if Has CoC) spatula<Brought. Window shopping items found! 2 x Yule goat <Brought *Possibly 1 or 2 of these weapons: Large axe,<Not Brought. Maul's,<Not Brought Metal Shield(large), <Brought Halberd.<Not brought. If I spot these items listed below I will Defiantly be buying them: 1 x 90ql+ shovel With either or both coc /woa <Guess what... again none over 70ql 1 x 90ql+ pickaxe with either or both coc/woa <Brought 1 x 90ql+ Longsword With FA <flaming Aura> and or woa/coc <Brought 2. (multiple lamps at 90+ql)<none available/listed. Lantern at 90+ql < None listed/available Merchant Contract.< Brought. Note multiple chars will be Created with the name Shopper within in the name thanks. Overall - Disappointed with Glass-hollow market, post was 12 hours prier notice, yet half the items I wanted had to settle for no enchantments or lower ql. left with 75 silver leftover and half the good needed. (Yes I know most things can be CoD'ed , this was a trial bulk purchase run with an opportunity for players to make a lot money,.
  3. Thanks Everyone for taking part, I appreciate the time you spend to these fun little spice events. Todays Winner Goes to Trimm - Clever photo of lakeside meditating while capturing the Animation of a cute baby Horse laying down among the fresh flowers. Well Done! Rare item sent, - The item suddenly disappears from the spirit cottage you expect them to arrive within the hour.
  4. http://i.imgur.com/ZIviDkF.jpg. Trimm's Photo Devlopa Disqualified - Due to using an Edit program on her photo.
  5. Some really Beautiful pictures coming in.
  6. Well this was fun, 11 complaints via pm about not being able to Edit photo's too, considering there's only 3 hours until the 24 hours is up not 1 person has entered to win free items in the attempt to add more fun and spice lol.
  7. +1 wicked idea! like the Details.
  8. @ Meldichoir That's a nice link/post mate Wound be great if wurm actually listened to the people. lol
  9. Screenshots of an in-game , No edits allowed, Anyone that post's an Edited photo will be Disqualified, Keep it Fair.
  10. Edit: Event over - Winner Trimm Rare boot , Sent. Congrats. Hi everyone ive recently found people getting a little grumpy with in-game rare rolls and just lack of "spice" So I have come up with a little bit of spice a fun little way for people to have a laugh and win some fun little items. Every now and then ill be hosting a mini fun event where people can win something worth a little bit of in-game silver. like a Rare item etc. Entry: 1 entry per player. Rules / method of win: If you win the only cost would be to pay the CoD after all im giving u a free item worth a bit of silver at least pay for the mail...(Note: Wiseelder is on Xanadu so obviously think about Mail / or picking up item's. Each entry can link/post 1 photo preferably a link imgur.com for example. The winning picture with the most votes/likes will win the prize, if there are tied or no likes the host (me) will choose which photo u like most. Wiseelder and all 4 alts - are Disqualified from entry. **** Today: 1 x Rare chain boot (currently imping it too for skill gain) **** The photo topic is Beauty so the best looking photo for Decoration or beautiful Captured image. Competition ends in 24 hours from post Creation time. Good luck! *Note: if you are unable to upload via post/link pm me and I will give u a email address to send your photo (Do Not use the same email/details as your wurm account thank's lets keep your details safe) This is a free to take part event as a bit of fun please if you don't like it don't enter.. simple.
  11. Due to high level of Quitting players, after short duration of play, No longer Recruiting. Give up trying.
  12. I somewhat agree and Disagree, Shouldn't be able to get meditation rewards easy, but then a 7 month solid sleep bonus grind for path of knowledge is kind off a P take, u could go chaos steal a bunch of affinities and get a nice skill bonus on decent skills without the half years grind. But due to there being a few paths, and many bonuses I have to vote. -1
  13. +1 The in-game potted plants Look crap, ive seen better potted plant textures in minecraft. Big Decoration plant /tree update needed