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  1. I spent some time in Ultimarius. Was a really nice place. Hate to see it decay . Wish you guys best of luck on Xandu. I am also on Xandu, so I'm sure I'll see you around.
  2. Yeah Kruggan and I actually bought a couple orbs of tranmutaion to create a copper vein and one of the other 2 alloys all next to each other.
  3. I am selling Union Island on Celebration. Union Island is located in the Southeast corner of Celebration. The Island consists of 3 deeds: Union Island (81 x 61 with 5 perimiter), East Union Island (11 x 11 with 5 perimiter), and Cake (45 x 27 with 5 perimiter). There are a total of 4 private traders on the Island: 2 on Union Island deed, 1 on East Union Island deed, and 1 on Cake deed. Cake and East Union Island are mostly trader deeds at this point and are not very developed other than a building for the trader. Union Island is the main deed and has several buildings and useful features. Union Island has a mine that contains Iron, gold, tin, zinc, and copper. The entrance to this mine is on deed. However, only the iron is on deed. The rest of the metals are offdeed, but in the same mine. The copper, zinc, and tin are all next to each other, so its a great set up for those who like to smelt brass and bronze. There are also several lead veins on the island, although only one has been exposed at this time. The entrance is currently caved in, but I may try to get over there and open it back up soon. Other resources on the island: are clay, tar, and a decent amount of almost every type of tree/bush. Only exception to this are the newer types. Union Island deed has a generous supply of oaks. The Union Island deed also has several usefull buildings including a warehouse stocked with BSB's and a couple of spacious houses with nice workshops. There are also several fenced areas for those who like to farm and raise animals. There are also several cattle and horses on deed, however, I can't vouch for traits because my husbandry skill is quite low. There are also 2 guard towers on the Union Island deed. Cake and East Union Island come with a newbie toon to hold the deed. A toon will need to be supplied by the buyer for the Union Island deed. I am asking 2.5 gold for all 3 deeds. Would prefer to sell the whole island to somebody who can use it and take care of it, if there are no buyers, I might be willing to split it up later. If you are interested, please PM me (Uian) in game or on forums. Here are some pictures of the Union Island deed: House with attached workshop This workshop is set up well for bulk item producers. [ [ [ [ Nice Yard. [ [ [ [ [ [ Spirit Cottage with 90 courier cast. [ View of docks from Union Island Token. [ Forest Plaza. [ Another House [ [ Warehouse [ Sand pit complete with BSB's with clay and dirt for easy mortar making. [ [ Oaks, Oaks, and more oaks!! [ [ [ A catapult [ Horse Pens and Stables
  4. Thanks for continuing the map princeofperiabyte.
  5. Fast service. Finished ahead of promised time!! Thanks MrManickk
  6. Dang, hate to see you leave. Who's gonna make the maps now? lol Best Wishes mate.
  7. Samthewithwiki, this argument for not having "GPS" style maps is not valid in the world of wurm where we have priests that do magic like a wizard from LOTR. However, I tend to agree with you folks that don't like live maps. I cringe from them myself. I did put a possiblility in my explanation, however, of making it so very high level priests might be able to enchant maps. If this was added, I think it should be VERY difficult and such maps would be very rare. Or maybe priests couldn't do enchantments like this and such a map would be created when a rare map is created. This might be a better way to do it. Then it would be random and rare and these maps would be very valuable. But, yeah, if this feature was not added at all, I would be fine with it.
  8. Miretta, Sorry about the extra thread. I didn't realize the other one existed when I started this one so now I'm having to keep up with both lol. I like several of the ideas you put here. -Uian
  9. I started a separate thread on this the other day not realizing that this one already existed. My apologies. Anyways, I copied and pasted my ideas here. I realize this explanation is not exhaustive and there are other things to consider, but maybe it would work as a basic framework that needs to be tweaked. I saw some other ideas posted earlier that are good as well, some of which would even be compatible with and enhance what I've suggested here. Not saying this is the only way or the best way to do it. Just throwing my ideas out. MAP TEMPLATE The first thing required to make a map would be a map template. The materials required would be parchment, ink and stylus. The size of the template (in tiles) would be determined by the ql of the template. A 1 ql template would have only 1 tile on it. From there, the radius of the map would be increased by 1 tile per ql, so a 2 ql map would have 9 tiles; 1 in the middle with 8 surrounding it. A 3 ql template would have 25 tiles, and so on. CREATING THE MAP Once the template is made, the cartographer would stand on the tile he/she wishes to be the center of the map and draw the map using ink and stylus. The area that the cartographer can draw would be determined by the cartographer’s skill level. A cartographer with a skill level of 1 can only draw the tile they are standing on. A radius of 1 tile would be added for each skill level beyond 1. A skill level of 2 could draw 9 tiles, a skill level of 3 could draw 25 tiles, and so on. A cartographer also would not be able to draw areas that are hidden by tall stone walls or palisades. This would be a way for players to prevent maps being drawn of areas they don’t want to be common knowledge, especially on pvp servers. If the cartographer’s skill level does not permit him to fill the template upon map creation, he/she could draw in other tiles, through map updating. MAP UPDATING Once a map has been created, it CANNOT be imped, but it CAN be updated. This means that the size of the map cannot be changed, but the contents can. As with map creation, this would require stylus and ink. The cartographer would stand on any tile in the area represented by the map. The radius of the update would be determined by the cartographer’s skill the same way it is determined when creating the map. The same rules in map creation with tall stone walls and palisades would apply here as well. If the cartographer is standing close to the edge of the area represented by the map, only those tiles that are on the map would be updated. PIECING MAPS TOGETHER I have not thought much on the mechanics of this concept, but maybe it would be possible for a cartographer to piece maps together to make larger maps. This would make it possible to make a somewhat complete map of a server. Of course this would be difficult and time consuming, because the cartographer would be required to travel the entire server, or buy smaller pieces from other cartographers around the server every time he/she would want to make such a map. This would make complete server maps or maps that cover large areas very valuable and would be a nice source of $$ for those who are willing to put forth that effort. MAP CONTENT I am not entirely sure what should be included when a map is drawn or updated. It may be as simple as a map dump of the area being drawn, but here are my thoughts of some things that should be included on the map: -Deed names: This is essential because it is the best way for the map holder to determine his/her location on the map -Tile types: grass, trees, buildings, rock, cobblestone, slab, etc. -Tile borders that have fences or hedges -Maps would be created from a bird’s eye view, meaning that if a tile had a building on it, it would be designated as a building tile, and it would not show anything inside the building, such as what type of flooring it has or what types of walls/fences are on the tile borders. -The names of buildings (same name as the writ) ENCHANTED MAPS I’m not sure how I feel about adding this, but I thought I would throw it out there anyways. Certain priests (maybe Fo) could enchant a map with a spirit in a similar way Fo priests enchant mail boxes. This would make it so the map would mark the current location of the holder every time it was viewed. If this was implemented, it is my opinion that this should require a very high level priest to enchant. -Uian
  10. Elen, on 23 January 2013 - 11:57 AM, said: The problem I see is that you wouldn't be putting any effort into making the map, just right clicking and waiting as it was generated. This is the same problem in each of the weekly map threads, no effort on the part of the player. Then we would of course start on the slippery slope with people wanting live maps with a hud and exclamation marks over veins and all the other stuff to ruin game immersion and the unique feel of this wonderful game. This is not a valid argument. What if I were to use this argument say for blacksmithing. In real life there is a lot more that goes into blacksmithing than just clicking on menus and waiting for it to make a tool or lamp. In fact, this argument is pretty much invalid for anything in wurm since it is a virtual world where you do virtual things by clicking menus and waiting for actions to complete. Also, what I described WOULD take time and effort, especially for those who have low skill. You have to create the materials and use/combine them just like anything else in the game, and you have to travel around to make the map. It would take as much effort as any other skill in wurm. Perhaps the method I described allows people to make maps too fast or cover a wider area too easily, or maybe there is a different way to accomplish it. Or maybe my idea can be tweaked. But I would not say that it is easy and requires no effort.