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  1. I hope the makers of Wurm. Set aside some time and improve the game performance.
  2. So you're saying the Video card I have can get me 60fps w/ vsync... but i need a strong cpu/memory setup?
  3. Hello, I want to get 60fps w/ vsync on max setting while playing Wurm. What is the cheapest video card I can get that can do this? I would like to do this at or under a $100 price tag. But so far what I've seen/heard/ been told the price tag is $300+ What I'm using right now is a Radeon HD 7750, and I'm getting 20 to 30 fps, on low/medium settings Added after over an hour of game play, the game starts to studder when I walk around but re-logging tends to fix that. (Cpu: 2.5Ghz Quad core and 8 GB ram, )
  4. -1 I like the idea of being able to create a closed area. Some people might do it on purpose, I'd hate to see the game stop them. Example. Planting a tree, such as oak or willow. Because you want to see it grow into very old.
  5. Postinglels, One word. Convenience.
  6. Cenotaph, Yes, you can. But it's set to 1 iron.
  7. Request to be able to set price on hand mirror, so that I can sell it on my merchant at a decent price. Currently the hand mirror is default to 1 iron, and it won't let me raise the price.
  8. Please update Rope http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Rope So that it explains rope can be used to haul large carts up, or down multi-story buildings Limitations are: The cart cannot have animals hitched The cart must be 1 floor below your current position to haul up The cart must be on your current floor in order to haul down This must happen directly at an house opening Notes can be found here: Under the February event (Toward the very bottom of the page linked here) http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Current_events
  9. You just might have the solution here. Just have each item show volume and weight as we find out. Also let each container show the max volume that fits. Then we don't need to have a list of how many of each item actually fits for each container.
  10. Bwg, No, because it uses multiple material types. Both brass and bronze is mentioned. Assuming your reading the wiki, which one is it? There is no mention of what material type the item ends up in. Example. The shafts are wood. The protractor is made of brass. The sight is made of bronze. The compass is made of clay I would love to see it say what the end product's material is made out of.
  11. I know that not every item can be sold. The wiki doesn't really say if something can be or can't be sold. Currently you have to check yourself manually. As for how do you standardize the information... that's not up to me. I just want to bring to light this particular item can/may be sold As for the container information for grass, perhaps it's best added into the "containers" page.
  12. Please update the Dioptra to state it's material type. http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Dioptra I have only seen Bronze, Dioptra.
  13. Please update the Wurm wiki on mixed grass http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Mixed_grass To include the following: Grass can be sold to the merchant via the Activate the item, and right-click sell command to earn coins toward your quota. Number of units of mixed grass that fit inside a 6 pottery flask 41 quiver 50 Pottery Jar 50 Fruit press 62 water skin 100 backpack 100 satchel 100 pottery bowl
  14. Please add the ability to gain scythe skill from cutting grass I collected hundreds of units and did not gain any skill into my scythe skill.
  15. Please update the water skin http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Water_skin To show it can hold a maximum of 62x mixed grass.
  16. +1 Glass-working / Glass-blowing skills sound great.
  17. +1 Just keep the horse the faster of the 2 mounts.