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  1. Draining deeds should not be capped at 5x.


    I feel that people on a PvP server completely understand the risks associated with deed building, and that the only deeds that will ever get close to a 5x are those deeds planted simply to block influence. The only way to remove a deed from existence is to continuously drain it, but that's impossible when someone doesn't care about the silver cost, so gladly dumps in 3s/day to keep a deed alive. 3E isn't a lot of money. Perhaps at 5x, it could auto-disband?


    Hi Xallo,


    Can you explain what "5x" means?


    Can you explain what "3E" means?

  2. So how come when I dig, the dirt goes into my inventory? Dirt making a big pile on the ground makes more sense to me than going in my pocket.




    It should also go on the ground, as a pile.  I think it was originally deposited into your inventory because before dropping it would just put it back into the ground.  But now with the easy way to drop it as a pile it makes sense that it should also just become a pile.


    Similar to the way when you mine, the ore lands on the ground.

  3. I have driven my hitched large cart on my rope bridge several times, unless something was changed recently they do in fact support it.


    I just tested it and took this screenie.






    Thank you for the screen shot proof that it does work!


    Please accept my apologies.  Perhaps it's been changed since when Fractional fight used it.  I doubt they would intentionally give false info.



  4. Kinda late to nerf something after its been in the game for so long, many good priests already converted and lost faith for it. Libila has had the same veggie bonus for what, a year now? Why should nahjo be nerfed.




    Not changing something because "that's how it's always been" is a terrible reason to not update/correct it!


    Please, do not answer similiar stupid answer with question everytime, when you have not nothing to say.





    The forums are for people to have constructive discussions.  Saying someones answer is stupid, is in my opinion not helping the discussion grow.  People cannot read your mind, you need to explain what you're talking about.  If someone doesn't understand what you're saying, then you should clarify.  


    It's OK for someone not to understand you.  It's OK for someone to disagree with you.  However just because either of these things happen, doesn't mean you should belittle them.