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  1. Hi I have a treat for you guys! Here is a YouTube video of a man that befriends a real life brown bear and acutally rides the bear. The mount happens toward the end of the video, feel free to skip ahead: Starts at the 3:33 second mark.
  2. -1 I want the ability to attack my mount. (This makes Wurm awesome) BUT it shouldn't be by accident... it should be only directly intentional. Change it so it's NOT easy to do, accidentally.
  3. Hi Xallo, Can you explain what "5x" means? Can you explain what "3E" means?
  4. IRL capes actually keep you warm.
  5. +1 If you can hitch Animals to tents... Why not to boats?
  6. LorraineJ, It should also go on the ground, as a pile. I think it was originally deposited into your inventory because before dropping it would just put it back into the ground. But now with the easy way to drop it as a pile it makes sense that it should also just become a pile. Similar to the way when you mine, the ore lands on the ground.
  7. -1 I play with my brother, and we share an IP
  8. -1 It should go onto the ground. Watching a video of someone collecting sheep wool IRL... I noticed that the wool doesn't fall into the person's pocket/inventory Instead it falls onto the ground.
  9. Audrel, Can you redo this with full chain? Also please redo it with no chat/craft windows behind it, and perhaps use a simple blank wall and flat ground.