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  1. After finishing a fight, the player stays frozen in the fight stance while embarked on a cart or wagon. Normal on foot though. And this is with head bobbing on.
  2. Solitude! Yep. i just tried it myself with bobbing on lol. i also just discovered something im going to post about as well
  3. Holy Crash Batman

    Well I just crashed too while before getting to a friends deed...Mad random.. Ive only crashed twice so far since the latest update.. Once before I turned on the normal mapping and once after turning it on. Crash log in the spoiler below. Thanks
  4. oh great! all better.. no upside maps anymore Thanks for the fix!
  5. ah yes this would be fantastic! i would want this as well.
  6. ya idk either, =/ oh well
  7. wait so actually, im confused... " altarMustBeOnGround=true "... will false work or not? i can leave it true but i want to know of false would work.
  8. any update on this getting fixed?
  9. I second this as well lol. tho now im getting the same errors i had b4 i fixed the password and what not. like nothing showing up in servers tab.
  10. was "Login Server" checked in the advanced server settings? if not then that is what is causing it. this has happened after the latest server update as well. I think we are being forced to use our servers as a login server.
  11. ok. i didnt see the version there im sry. but why isnt uptime working for me then? that is whats puzzling me... Error makes sense too. i remember that now.
  12. I also noticed that in your screenshots (screenshot_9 to be exact) in OP, the uptime shows in demo 0.0.7 but not in the 0.0.18 alpha. just thought I'd point that out. what changed between that version and this one? or did we do something wrong? Edit: just found this error in the logs twice, 2 different characters idk...
  13. OMG IT WORKED! thank you you. sry if ive been too much of a noob. I do have a question tho, does it work better if I put the WUAHelper jar into the server folder or do i just leave it just in the includes folder? I do now have some requests 1) Add a player user group that really has no ability to change GM powers maybe to just mute and ban is fine. 2) Players Online and View all villages still doesnt come up at all. 3) Restart server button? might be in the thread alerady but im too lazy to re-read when clicking the server tab, it pops up saying " It looks like we couldn't proccess your request at this time. Please try again later" but broadcasts still work. Edit: trying to edit/add email and getting this error : "No valid method supplied" btw this works great for being an alpha