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  1. Gonna need update for new Cartography skill
  2. I did it!

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Congrats bro slice!!!!! Now imp everything to 100
  3. Server down

    soo..... more sleep bonus!?!
  4. ya seems to be anything glow runed. and indeed only works if carried by players. at the moment anyway.
  5. Oh thats great to know!!! ty for response!!!
  6. Seemed to have noticed that glow runed items dont glow when placed on the ground anymore. was wondering if this is a bug or if it was ninja-removed.
  7. Questions... 1. Will the cartography table be Fine Carp or Carp skill ( im leaning towards fine carp but just want confirmation.) 2. Will the table impact the skill gain of the cartography skill itself?? 3. how would you grind this new skill as well?? Seems interesting so far...
  8. I will miss him. Good man who was very nice in giving away nice tools and free logs after doing his woodcutting grind. Did enjoy what little conversations we had while he was on discord. Sometimes wouldn't say anything but would give a nice grunt sound. made me chuckle. Will miss u Lagimus Prime.
  9. After finishing a fight, the player stays frozen in the fight stance while embarked on a cart or wagon. Normal on foot though. And this is with head bobbing on.
  10. Solitude! Yep. i just tried it myself with bobbing on lol. i also just discovered something im going to post about as well
  11. Holy Crash Batman

    Well I just crashed too while before getting to a friends deed...Mad random.. Ive only crashed twice so far since the latest update.. Once before I turned on the normal mapping and once after turning it on. Crash log in the spoiler below. Thanks
  12. oh great! all better.. no upside maps anymore Thanks for the fix!