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  1. Who do I need to talk to to get this ratified?
  2. Thoughts on ,"savage(ly) huge blade swinging" and ideas for similar style like, Unending(,) huge blade swinging" or neverending(,) huge blade swinging"
  3. 1st, I feel like the current theme of the 2hs titles are more fitting for 1hs. 2nd, I dont like the connotation of a holy war with crusader. To fit the theme.. Im favoring pendragon or admiral Tbh Im leaning towards savage pagan.
  4. As far as I know I am the 3rd if you count scythes as a weapon (Ehizellbob got 100 scythes in oct)
  5. [08:38:09] Two handed sword increased by 0.000008 to 100.000000 my 2hs grind is over, doesnt look like there is a title. "The Huge Blade Swinging Savage" is the best ive come up with. I think it's not too flashy, well balance play on words, true to its type yet useable with other titles.
  6. These trolles were cared for and branded, i didn't realize they would bash.. thought it was only uniques that would bash, and i didn't bother looking at the wiki or i would've learned. poor villager =/
  7. nooooo... my poor troll guards.. oh well, i guess champ scorps wont bash walls so maybe i switch to them
  8. I really like this idea, but.. if waiting for 100 favor takes longer than 30-45second then nty. +1 but like 1 tile away? Or change Essence Drain to give like 1-5 favor per hit depending on weapon.. making it unique and not a ripoff of LT This looks a bit too strong but.. i like the concept!
  9. make offer, then haggle will place any Non Moon metal rune
  10. yesterday I used my Knar to cross servers a few times, and in the process all of my private map annotations from my main server vanished, I've tried relogging, toggling options, and I can't seem to recover them. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?
  11. Anyone got an update on titles for combinations?
  12. I like the idea of cotton used as a pelt maybe with high failure rate and maybe takes high damage
  13. Since this was the first related topic to the idea i has ill add here, iron fortress, and other assorted metal walls and bridges, doesn't have to have any bonus to strength, mostly a cosmetic thing
  14. option to create metal rope tool such as Steel and/or other tools heavily used. Note: wooden rope tool(s) can be created at high quality with high ql materials yet ware fast, a metal rope tool would have to be improved from a low ql.