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  1. I can understand for pvp but Can we lead multiple creatures while on deed please, jeebus.. this is annoying.
  2. I dont understand your question. 1, if you portal from ele to freedom then come to to epic after launch you will be sent to a home server with epic inventory, you wont be able to enter ele with any items.
  3. -1 to any starting items. Question, will we be able to portal from elevation to freedom still?
  4. Ps, most if not all the dev play wurm?!
  5. I pray that we portal to new ele map completely nakid, not even starting items! From scratch! And disable all sorcery perks
  6. They would leave the home servers for 2 main reasons: 1, to stop enemies from doing missions on ele. 2, to slow the melting of their map/deeds by meteorites 2x2, 4 per mission, multiple missions ongoing.
  7. My guess is he wants to be able to raid fortified deeds with strong accounts and move people to elevation.. my suggestion slows pvp on home and incentivizes pvp on ele or their home get wrecked by meteors
  8. The thing we did wrong is not playing for 6 years to build character strong/geared enough to fight them..simple enough And raiders are usually skilled and target noob deeds.. even with the buff its unlikely noob will survive..
  9. In the past on affliction we had 5 epic accounts take on our whole server like 9 or more at starter deed, we couldn't touch them... skill cap for enemy? Or local and if for local to what end?
  10. Again the point is to have more pvp on elevation, and less on home.. which is why the buff to home...There was mention of a quick sail feature being added to shorten the travel time.. allow enemy deeds, idk about allowing guard towers, as long as locals get that 25-50% bonus.. should be interesting
  11. The idea is that most of the pvp will be done on elevation to weaken homelands and elevation has all of your favored nerfs, but raiding homelands will be very risky.. 25-50% cr/damage is just to emphasize how risky it is, the numbers dont have to be exact. This will keep the pve ppl on homelands from quiting maybe
  12. I'd like to see the epic changes apply mostly to elevation. I'd like to have missions done on elevation do 5x(+/-) the amount of damage compared to home missions. MORE meteors sprayed across the land(like each mission spray 4 2x2 meteor on both enemy homeland), like 4+ times a month, just not too big, mostly to home servers that don't do enough missions.. to weaken their defenses BUT give home defenders like 25-50%(<--these numbers aren't realistic, just add to my point) more cr/damage against enemies who will try to steal rifts and uniques and raid the broken defenses. Elevation: +2k, +portal only, +no item enters but can take out. -no rifts -no uniques. Keep mount speed but wounds slow by 50%. I'd like to see elevation as a place to find chests,find moonmetals, do hota, depot, and to effect the valrie map much faster w/missions. Reset elevation map every 6 months Home: +buff cr/damage(25-50%) against enemies, +keep med perks, +keep moonmetals. +more small meteors and land raises.
  13. WTS/pc Rare small shield oakenwood 90ql 94BOTD WTS/pc Supreme Iron sabaton(boot) 90ql 82WA WTS/pc Rare iron breastplate 90ql 83WA WTS/pc Rare iron gauntlet 90ql 77WA wts rare cotton fishkeep net
  14. When your not useing botd/ed the order you want to use is ms first, coc, damage mod, nim or woa, demise. I'm fine with that tbo, but the overlapping thing is just BS imo.
  15. Just curious.. how come ms/botd/ed spells have enchanting overlap.. 2 BL vs 1 WL : ms is last to dispell unles BotD OR Essence drain are casted. So if I get a good ms cast and then cast a bad botd or ed.. i have to dispell the good ms to dispell the bad botd/ed... seems unfair.