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  1. iirc is was stated in patch notes(wanna say during priest rework but i cant remember) that missions and prayers that are eligible for faith gain even if your crafter at 30, 100 faith, sermons. not sure about WU code tho. also, I don't see how depriesting should be negatively affected for rites.
  2. it isn't hard, it just takes time. but my point is that I like to play both, and I don't want to miss out on sb. The point of the change to promote people staying the same faith, which i already am.. yet now just missed a rite because I'm stuck at 25 faith.
  3. [03:33:38] A reward from the Rite of Spring can only be claimed by those with at least 30 Faith. --Recently I depriested so that I could started crafting again, I didn't Swap faith, I wasn't converted.. I kept my faith of Vynora.. as in Long term follower of Vynora. I plan to continue to priest and depriest and I request a work around so I don't miss out. Otherwise you are promoting players to either stay a priest or stay a crafter. Suggestion: 1. Allow depriest to stay at 30 faith, instead of 20. 2. create a debuff for swapers and conversions that wont allow them to gain reward for x amount of time.
  4. is there an estimate on downtime?
  5. Is this a really bad idea or just unrealistic?
  6. Are you a Priest that has a "unique set of skills" that are sinful to use? Are you a Priest that likes to do missions only to scream at the screen when that "Decent" mission pops? Then this thread is for you. There are two ideas, which I wanted to suggest to our great Dev team. ---The "sinner" a title debuff for priests: this is a title(to tag in PvP) a priest would get when they use a daily cool down as a priest. this Cool down would allow the priest to do actions that would normally remove faith for a set time like improving(suggested 2 mins per faith point) without losing faith. While they are being a sinner, all spells are either revoked, cost 2x the favor(or more), or effectiveness halved, etc. -this idea is to allow players to use skills that they spent a great amount of time to gain yet only to have them be wasted while they are a priest. while also allowing them to keep the faith they also spent time to gain, for missions and to spice up their game play if they don't have alts or have money to keep alts prem. ---The "devoted" Priest: the last priest overhaul introduced follower abilities; mag gets metal working bonus, vyn gets wood/ clay, Lib gets leatherworking, fo gets cloth. - in addition to these bonuses I suggest that a priest be able to improve their bonus type of armour and the ql capped by their faith. Mag gets plate/chain, lib gets studded/leather, fo and vyn get cloth. ALSO allowed to improve 1 weapon and shield type; lib gets tool(like scythe and sickle) and wooden shield, mag gets sword metal shields, fo gets maul and metal shields, vyn gets club and wooden shields.( ideally only 1 weapon 1 shield type to be determined). ---Creative thoughts: *The idea is to allow people to complete missions that require improving but also allow people who become priests to be able to pvp without needing alts; but at the cost of cookiecutter styles of the diety's preferences. ****Originally i wanted Lib with leather, Mag with chainmail, fo with Cloth, and Vyn with plate. but since Vyn can't mine there was a problem unless we change how plate is made; plate is now made with clay molds and any lump. The ql of the plate is determined by the clay mold ql. Since Vyn can't mine she can get lumps by smelting iron rock which is rummaged. Steel can be made by smelting coal with the iron rock or iron lump.
  7. can close

    Hahahaha... That might explain things rofl
  8. can close

    Royal letter opener is actually the best one ive seen so far lol.. I want "The huge blade swinging savage" but retro still hasnt responded to my pm and its been months lol. Started thinking of other titles with the assumption my first choice has been silently rejected.. I like the firat one you said but I was also thinking, "faithfully executing" PS I will not pick crusader! Phewy!
  9. can close

    Who do I need to talk to to get this ratified?
  10. can close

    Thoughts on ,"savage(ly) huge blade swinging" and ideas for similar style like, Unending(,) huge blade swinging" or neverending(,) huge blade swinging"
  11. can close

    1st, I feel like the current theme of the 2hs titles are more fitting for 1hs. 2nd, I dont like the connotation of a holy war with crusader. To fit the theme.. Im favoring pendragon or admiral Tbh Im leaning towards savage pagan.
  12. can close

    As far as I know I am the 3rd if you count scythes as a weapon (Ehizellbob got 100 scythes in oct)
  13. These trolles were cared for and branded, i didn't realize they would bash.. thought it was only uniques that would bash, and i didn't bother looking at the wiki or i would've learned. poor villager =/