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  1. Beverage overhaul

  2. WTS Misc Items

    What will you do for the lantern?
  3. Took my plank, great little shop.
  4. Xanadu Community Map

    Jenkins' Unremarkable Residence 6816 -2023
  5. Got a Knarr and Sailboat plus a rune and some animal pens, order was filled very quickly. 5/5 gold lumps
  6. Last Post Wins

    By posting below me, you agree to relinquish your winning position and crown me winner.
  7. Garage Sale!! All Items 10c! (updated list, some new woa/aosp casts)

    Hatchet w24c37 longsword c42fa16ms32 carving knife c68 saw woa63 pickaxe botd68 stone chisel coc52 mallet 65coc 53woa cod chachajenkins
  8. Tobacco

    As a person who enjoys having a puff on my tobacco pipe, I would personally enjoy seeing tobacco being added as a cultivatable crop. Naturally, having the ability to create a smoking pipe and stick it in your mouth would compliment the idea. It dosen't need to have any special status effects, I just think having a pipe in your mouth while riding through the woods can add to atmosphere in my mind. What is everyone's opinion on having tobacco and pipes added to the game? Sorry if this has been asked before, didn't find any threads about this.
  9. I have 2 of em', been trying to get ahold of you in-game.
  10. Get well soon cards for the server.

  11. Shads' Leatherworking

    Received, thank you.
  12. Shads' Leatherworking

    Howdy, can I get a 60QL studded leather set and a quiver? Should come out to 1s 5c, mail to Chachajenkins.
  13. Horse cruise control

    Not sure if this has been suggested before but I think that having the ability to keep the horse at a set pace so others on foot can keep up would be ideal on hunting trips and the like. It would also make riding with other more convenient so that the horses can go at a pace that each one is easily capable of reaching, without the faster ones having to stop and wait for others to catch up every so often.