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  1. Why don't you really level the playing field and share the spreadsheet then?
  2. I wish there was a way to thumbs down this comment lol. edit: this will work
  3. The tooltip thing, that shows up when you hover over items in your inventory, I would like an option to turn that off. I would prefer to have to examine every item in my invy to see the enchants and stuff. I was told I could use the old client to not have that happen, but alas that was not the case.... so I'm asking here, please give us the option to toggle that on and off.
  4. hello! would you be willing to make and attach 4 glimmer speed runes and a addy color rune for me please? And a brass mag rune.
  5. can I get 3 20kg filler pizzas delivered to magdegreen please?
  6. I don't mind saying +1 because I am already hated by "the group", and am so tired of their bullying.
  7. +1. I am so tired of the drama around rites.