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  1. Does anyone else have issues with uploading dump files to Niarja? When I choose the dump file and hit Submit, it says failed. Problem solved, it was caused by the NoScript extension.
  2. A nice place to rest at Agria Gardens back in 2016.
  3. My backyard garden at Agria Gardens deed on Deliverance.
  4. Cozy lil' building at Agria Gardens on Deliverance.
  5. Now an interior. Workshop and kitchen.
  6. Now it's a retrospective one. I've made it 3 years ago during a delivery trip on Exodus. I love foggy weather in Wurm, I tend to make screenshots when it happens.
  7. The pylon named Tongue Door at T14 Deliverance, S of Agria Gardens deed with guards around and moon in the background.
  8. Pic was taken from,1520 I don't and not used to live there, i was just wandering around.
  9. And a more recent one for a good start: nymphs staring at a supreme pillar at Agria Gardens deed on Deliverance with eclipse in the background.
  10. Hello everyone. The purpose of this thread is to publish Wurm screenshots at least weekly. Some of the shots will be retrospective, nostalgic pics taken during my WO time (since 2012). I want to take hold of the beauty of Wurm, which always has impressed me. Enjoy, and feel free to comment. Happy Wurming! The first one is a landscape from Deliverance, back in 2015.
  11. Medieval fishing simulator now. ?
  12. A. Anvil Bay B. Hammer Sound
  13. Pylon at 853, 1970 named Tongue Door. Thank you.
  14. Or is it a graphics 'bug' then? Just realized that there's no slate brick opening.
  15. As title says: there's an image of a slate _brick_ opening on the page.
  16. I already posted my all time favourite before.
  17. I'm terribly sorry, we missed your message. It's doable, when and where do you want them to be delivered?
  18. [06:51:37] You point at the young Fertile the chicken. It looks like all chickens hatched from coop-eggs will have the name 'Fertile' because they were 'fertile egg'.