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  1. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!

    A few shots i made over times in Wurm: Drunk troll: Landmarks (this one is my submission for the competition): Pylon at night: Deli landscape: Obelisk and rainbow: Moons: Eclipse: Foggy: Moons and sparkles: Foggy garden:
  2. Sold

  3. Sold

    WTS my very good all-rounder Freedom toon, Trevize, preferably with his great island deed on Celebration (with 1000 tiles of farmland, useful veins, buildings, 5 speed horses). Skill dump: He's Enlightened of the path of knowledge (lvl 11, 70 meditating), which means no skill loss on death and 25% skill gain bonus. Vyn follower. He's at 100 farming skill (Pumpkin King title). He has a good reputation as farming goods' seller and happy customers. I want to get 350e for the toon itself (plus some for the deed). Toon will come with a good tool set and with some special items (like holiday gifts) and vehicles (including a knarr).
  4. Sold, close please

    Sold, close please
  5. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    "This deed is finished."
  6. Wurm Meme?

    Meeting a hell hound for the first time...
  7. Wurm Meme?