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  1. Fanart Competition - Tapestries!

    A few shots i made over times in Wurm: Drunk troll: Landmarks (this one is my submission for the competition): Pylon at night: Deli landscape: Obelisk and rainbow: Moons: Eclipse: Foggy: Moons and sparkles: Foggy garden:
  2. Sold

  3. Sold

    WTS my very good all-rounder Freedom toon, Trevize, preferably with his great island deed on Celebration (with 1000 tiles of farmland, useful veins, buildings, 5 speed horses). Skill dump: He's Enlightened of the path of knowledge (lvl 11, 70 meditating), which means no skill loss on death and 25% skill gain bonus. Vyn follower. He's at 100 farming skill (Pumpkin King title). He has a good reputation as farming goods' seller and happy customers. I want to get 350e for the toon itself (plus some for the deed). Toon will come with a good tool set and with some special items (like holiday gifts) and vehicles (including a knarr).
  4. Sold, close please

    Sold, close please
  5. Things you'll never hear said in Wurm

    "This deed is finished."
  6. Wurm Meme?

    Meeting a hell hound for the first time...
  7. Wurm Meme?

  8. Wow, secret messages from the Wutrix....
  9. Sure thing, Mr Sappiro, our hamsters are working on this.
  10. Jaytee is at your place with 5k corn.