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  1. I'm using the new UI, i had added a planned wide staircase to the crafting window, and when i tried to add a mallet or a hammer to the other slot, the client crashed.
  2. Info added, except 'Gives Animal Husbandry skill' (already contained by infobox).
  3. Same here... Crashed 3 times in a row when i added tool (hammer or mallet) to the crafting window... Log:
  4. Grats, title added to the Wurmpedia.
  5. Well, it's kinda rude move to block other's path... Even if it's not straight against the rules... @Aaron_IRLnext time you shouldn't build on a highway.
  6. @SoGAre you sure it was a Giant crab? The Jackal creature?
  7. I have a winehouse with a proper cellar. There's fsb in the house for the fruits, fruit press, barrel racks for the sap and syrup, wine barrels in the cellar (wich is a small cave reachable through the house with maple hedge around the entrance).
  8. As title says... NVM, it's back on.
  9. @Siderealgrats on this. Title suggestion: 'Naturally Substantive'.
  10. Noizehead had one on Deli with the name Rolf!
  11. A very well organized sermon group with friendly and talkative people. I've hit 100 faith with their help. I recommend it to all the priests who wanna grind faith much easier than by praying. Thank you guys and gals!