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  1. Well, 25% skill gain bonus would make people do fishing. IMHO it's already less grindy than other skills, it rather should be more useful. It wouldn't be pointless this way.
  2. An easy way: let fish meals give more affinity bonus. Like 25% instead of the regular 10%.
  3. It could be even vertical... And from different log types...
  4. Please add log curbs to the game, a new possible way of using (low ql) logs.
  5. Marble, plain, pottery, rendered, rounded stone, sandstone and slate portcullis pics are wrong. Those are pics of portcullis fence gates.
  6. Does anyone else have issues with uploading dump files to Niarja? When I choose the dump file and hit Submit, it says failed. Problem solved, it was caused by the NoScript extension.
  7. A nice place to rest at Agria Gardens back in 2016.
  8. My backyard garden at Agria Gardens deed on Deliverance.