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  1. As I made 2 new records in fishing in the last few days, I decided to create a thread for Fishing Trophy Shots. The method I used: I had made a new inventory group named 'Trophy', and I put the precious catch in it. I had opened it, positioned above my head at the site I catched the fish, and made the shot. What is a new record to me? The highest ql of the largest fish of a kind. Here is my biggest catfish and herring (so far): What are yours?
  2. That's not the 'Baking page'. That's an outdated ingame help page. The actual Baking page contains valid informations.
  3. Hey Richtje, congrats, and welcome to the club!
  4. Topic can be closed. Thank you.
  5. I've posted an issue here accidentally, can you please delete it (WO related). Thanks.
  6. There's a new highway connection at starting point: 868, 1899 turn: 868, 1949 end: 859, 1949 Can you please add it? Thank you.
  7. A kinky one back from 2015. :)
  8. Actually avatars DO destroy fences. Yours just didn't want to do it. It will escape, if you wait enough.
  9. There's already a section on rarity: 'Rarity on dioptra affects the distance of the bridge that is being planned.' What do you want to add to it? 'Rarity on dioptra will add 1 tile to the possible length of the bridge being planned.' Is it ok?