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  1. @SweetSerenadeDo you know what was the ql of it?
  2. Next time you cut down forests on perim, you should replant...

  3. Alright, thanks everyone, I think it's clear now: all the outer walls must be completed on the ground floor.
  4. Hm, true that, those walls have finished ones under them on the ground floor. Now I can't recall if i saw buildings with not finished ground floor walls under the upper floor archs...
  5. It's possible tho, there are missing walls (plans) in this e.g. (right side of the marble building):
  6. I also had tried that, didn't work, after that i tried without it, didn't work either, that's why the floor is missing from the top...
  7. No remove option. I know the old way was not to be able to remove outer plans. But nowadays i see archs with no walls (plans) under them.
  8. Hello everyone, I'm pretty sure it's possible to remove wall plans under arched walls, but now I can't figure out how. Can anyone help me with this please? (Image bellow.)
  9. It worked like a charm, thank you for organizing.
  10. I'm using the new UI, i had added a planned wide staircase to the crafting window, and when i tried to add a mallet or a hammer to the other slot, the client crashed.